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Day 176: Dear Netflix, it's not you, it's me

Dear Netflix Canada,

I wanted to write to you and explain why I cancelled my subscription after I used up my one month free. Don't worry , this isn't like an angry OMFG NETFLIX RUINED MY LIFE sort of letter. I've heard lots about how people really enjoy having Netflix, and how it's so much cheaper than TV. And the thing is, I think it's a really great resource for people in the US (*note: so is Hulu, apparently, but that's not available in Canada either. Boo!)

I watch more TV series than movies, and the selection is more skewed towards movies than TV. That being said, selection is not great. When I looked up a specific title, i.e. Project Runway, Netflix would be like "Sorry! We don't have that. But we suggest you try Mythbusters!" or whatever. Like, the selection is just not there. This isn't a groundbreaking observation, as I had already heard that the selection isn't great in Canada.

Nothing against Mythbusters, obviously. These guys are awesome.
I just prefer flamboyantly competitive fashion designers.

It's probably fine if you just want to watch something and it doesn't matter what. But it's not great when you want to watch something specific,  because it probably won't be there.

Honestly? I haven't been watching much cable TV recently either. But Tour de France starts up NEXT WEEK and I need TV for that full month. I will reassess in August. Honestly, though, I've been mainlining DVDs of Project Runway from the library and watching Pretty Little Liars every week on TV. Is watching one episode per week worth paying $50 a month on cable? Probably not.

I'm not gonna lie. The podium girls' dresses are a big part of why I <3 Tour de France so much.
But it's mainly the racing part.

Blah, blah, blah. But I'm officially all over the early seasons of Project Runway. So much fun! And heaps of frugal inspiration - make a dress out of garden supplies! Make a dress out of materials pilfered from your apartment! Make a dress out of candy wrappers! It's very inspiring and fun to watch and makes me want to learn how to sew.

Jillian in season 4 made this dress out of licorice!

Anyway, I wanted to let you know that I want to still be friends. And if your selection in Canada improves, I am willing to give you another shot. But even though you are cheap, in the whole month of free service, I only watched 1 episode. So it's just not cost-effective for me right now.




~Carla~ said...

I've heard that Netflx in Canada sucks... That's too bad! Least you got to try out for a month free. If it weren't for hubby, I wouldn't have cable at all, I just borrow movies from the library & I'm happy!

Annabelle said...

Hey Carla! Yeah, I'd heard that Netflix didn't have very much selection in Canada, but I gave it a shot anyway. There's an OK selection, but I'm with you - way better choices from the public library (and free!)

Serendipity said...

That's a shame with Netflix. Although I love Neflix, I seem to find myself not having a lot of time for it lately. Maybe Netflix will get better in Canada?


Annabelle said...

Serendipity - I've heard so many great things about Netflix in the US. Hopefully they sort out whatever weird international rights issues are in the way of making it better in Canada... and then I can re-activate my subscription!

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