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Day 175: Frugally fabulous nail ideas

First, three announcements. Feel free to skim these if you're just here for the fabulous nail photos...

1) Win a book from Jenny at You Were Going To Be Fantastic! She's giving away a book that she won in another contest, so it's all very frugal and whatnot.

2) Check out my other internet ventures - I just posted a new Pretty Little Liars recap on You Know You Love Fashion, and a new podcast on The Book Show!

DIY your way to FABULOSITY

So, as you may have noticed from every other posting on this blog, I have a slight nail polish obsession. And it really made my life that recently, tricked-out nails have become a fashionable thing.

Thanks for ushering in this ghetto fabulous trend, Katy Perry!

Anyway, there are some swanky nail decals you can buy to get this fancypants nail look. I have tried both brands and can report that the Sally Hanson ones stay on for 10 days without chipping (hooray!) whereas the Nicole by OPI ones are basically stickers, and don't adhere too well.

But why spend $10 on nail stickers when there are so many fun ways to DIY fun nails all on your own?

Newspaper nails via

I LOVE THIS IDEA SO MUCH! I have not tried it out yet myself, but well def. be doing this shortly (and I will photograph it when I do OBVIOUSLY)  I first learned about this on Bust magazine's website, and they link through to step-by-step directions from Lost in Drawers.

You need:

- Old newspaper
- Scissors
- Pale grey (or pale anything) nail polish
- Clear topcoat of nail polish
- Shallow bowl


Cut squares of newsprint larger than nails. Apply a base coat of pale grey (or pale whatever) polish. When polish is completely dry (at least 5 mins for most fast-drying polishes), soak them in a small dish of rubbing alcohol. Remove nails, press newsprint on nail and slowly pull off. Cover with top coat to seal.

DIY Leopard Print nails via Hello Giggles

These leopard print nails from Hello Giggles can be done in a variety of colours. I have also not tried this one, and apparently it takes a bit of practice to perfect.

You need:

- Two complementary colours of nail polish (you can use black and white, or purple and yellow, or orange and lime green - anything goes!). Make sure it's an opaque (not translucent or semi-translucent colour)
- Fine-tip nail art nail polish (readily available at drugstores, Wal-Mart, etc.)

Apply the base colour and let dry completely. Add random dots of the second colour and allow to dry. Then, roughly trace around the dots with the nail art polish to highlight. Hello Giggles suggest doing your left hand first (if right-handed; vice-versa if left handed), since your dominant hand will do better to begin with.

Flowery nails  from

My most favourite celebrity DIY fashionista, Lauren Conrad, featured these nails on her Beauty Department website the other day. There aren't step-by-step instructions, but all you'd need to do these is to pick complementary colours and some tiny paintbrushes (or the end of a toothpick) to make the flower shapes.

I say "all" but come on. This would take some mad polishing skillz. Check out what my friend Shani'qua freestyled with a toothpick and her arty eye:

Glamourous Shani'qua nails

And because this one looks pretty easy to do (even for those of us without the hand-eye coordination to execute perfect tiger stripes using a toothpick after drinking half a bottle of wine):

Another fun option from Lost in Drawers

Or, if you don't mind spending a bit of cashola, pick up a bottle of Shatter polish (OPI makes one, or drugstores have a cheaper brand that's just as good called Crackle) and apply on top of any other colour for a fabulous, unexpected look:

Or, use up existing nail polish colours by pairing up four or five of the same shade to rock the ombre trend:

For a baby step, you can rock the current mismatched nail trend, painting most of your nails one colour and blinging out one or two.

Funky nails via

Basically, the sky's the limit! Happy polishing, frugalistas!


~Carla~ said...

Love the newsprint nails!! Those totally rock!! I don't do much with my nails, my hands are always in & out of water, etc...

Niki said...

I was going to say I love the newspaper nails too! That might be something for ma and my daughters to try. They just got to the age where their love of nail polish knows no bounds.

jennysararyan said...

thanks for the mention, ann. do you know, i haven't had ONE PERSON enter my free book contest. it's crazy! hopefully your shoutout will send some frugal friends my way. clearly all my fantastic followers prefer to spend money with abandon at bookstore and so eschew free things.

centsofacountrygirl said...

Love love love the news print nails as well. I am so tempted to try them and see what the boss man says. Thanks for sharing all the nail ideas!

Annabelle said...

centrsofacountrygirl - I read another tip that you could use comics from the newsprint instead of words. May be more work-acceptable? Oh, I don't know what's work-appropriate. I wore a romper suit to work last week.

Jenny - no prob! Who can turn down a chance at a free book??

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