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Day 174: The see no evil, hear no evil approach to shopping detox
Hey guys! So, after my self-imposed house arrest and temptation by cute internet ads for clothing, my genius blog reader Hanah pointed me in the direction of an ad-blocking app to install on my laptop. So now I am almost entirely ad-free while perusing the internet! Just do a quick search for whichever browser you're using, and then download the appropriate app. There seems to be one for all of the major browsers.

In addition, I am in the process of unsubscribing from all of the store emails that I get in my inbox. If I don't know about the BOGO or free shipping for orders over $50 or the free sample with purchase, then I won't be tempted to buy them. This is the internet version of just not walking past the stores that sell the things you like to buy.

"I do not see you, internet ads for cute, retro-inspired items!"

Expanding this whole idea, today I saw a big sign outside of a drugstore advertising a free $10 gift card to Tim Horton's if you spend $50 at the store. That is not a good deal for me at all for a few reasons. 1) I don't need anything from the drugstore. 2) There, weirdly, aren't any Tim Horton's near my work or home (yes, I live in Canada). So, that's an easy one to pass up.

It's like the coupon thing, too, I think. Like, if I am out of toothpaste or toilet paper, and see a coupon sale for them, then it makes sense to use the coupon. But if I'm browsing the shelves and see a coupon for a type of cookies that I wasn't going to buy anyway, I'm not actually saving money by using the coupon.

I feel very grown-up now that my brain has been rewired to think this way. I went around the grocery store today and bought only things I needed - milk, 2 avocadoes, crackers, and a tin of tuna. OK, and the latest issue of Oprah magazine, but that's just because it has all of her picks for summer reading in it. And yes, I realize that this list is also on her website. But can I read her website while in the bathroom? Um, no.

Dammit Oprah, why can't I quit you?

Still, the point is that I did not buy ingredients for meals I won't be eating anytime soon, or cookies or anything pre-made. I bought the avocadoes because I have sprouts and cucumbers I need to use up, and the best way to do this is by eating the World's Best Sandwich (recipe stolen and adapted from a vegetarian restaurant I used to go to when I lived in another city):

- Take a yummy ciabatta bun, or other yummy bread (whole grain is best)
- Spread on some garlicky mayonnaise (store-bought, or just crush some garlic into your own mayo, or make homemade mayo, whatever. The garlic is the important bit)
- Put sliced-up cucumbers on the bread
- Add half an avocado, sprinkle with salt and pepper if you like (this helps with the flavour)
- Top with a handful of fresh sprouts
- Sit back and enjoy the delicious, nutritious(...ish) summery sandwich yumminess

Oh, and then go eat a homemade pudding pop! After reading The Frugal Girl's post about this, I made some up for myself. They're just freezing now, and I can't wait until they're ready to eat!


Niki said...

Your sandwich is making me hungry and your dang pudding pops.

I think the no see, no hear approach is a good one. It's nice not to get get bombarded with advertisements as well.

Crankygirl said...

Can I come for a bedtime snack?? Oh, and if you had a laptop, you could read the website in the bathroom.

~Carla~ said...

Great idea!! I always end up on the sale sites, then do a *slap* and close out of that browser.... lol! Stupid ads!! I used to LOVE Pudding pops when I was a kid!!

Annabelle said...

You guys, I went to bed with such a happy belly last night. The sandwich is always delicious, however, the pudding pops took 24 hrs to fully freeze.

Worth the wait! Pudding pops take me right back to my childhood.

Oh, and Crankygirl, I do have a laptop, but I'd rather not lug it around with me into the bathroom. Seems vaguely unhygienic ;)

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