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Day 167: I cannot be trusted

Hello, I am reporting to you live from my apartment, where I am under self-imposed house arrest. Why?
Because, like an alcoholic in an open-bar wedding reception, I am currently in the thralls of wanting to buy stuff.

Maybe while I'm here I will witness a murder and suddenly look like Grace Kelly?

No stuff in particular, just anything. I have some photos to pick up at the drugstore, and I was thinking about maybe biking over there and, while in the neighbourhood, picking up something from the grocery store (I probably need some groceries, right?) and while I'm there, maybe veering into the Joe Fresh clothes area, where clothes are cheap anyway and blah blah blah.

Whoever decided to sell affordable and cute clothes in a grocery store is a DIABOLICAL GENIUS

The good news is that I can recognize that I'm in this mood and I can trap myself in here. I just need to avoid stores until, let's be honest, I eat supper. I think hunger and buying unnecessary things are very connected in my brain.

The internet is obviously dangerous BUT not in June because I am verboten from making online purchases. This is tricky business, too. I can just not go into physical stores, in order to avoid buying stuff. However, the internet is like a LANDMINE of advertisements from stores such as ModCloth or the Pretty Things Boutique. And due to crafty marketing, the websites I frequent are filled with ads aimed DIRECTLY at me.

Cute Zooey Deschanel-esque dresses!

Adorable vintage-inspired swimsuits!
Denim miniskirts!!!

So, I need to either develop willpower or find some sort of ad-blocking app. I already have a pop-up blocker, but is there a way to not have to look at ads when you're on the internet? Or maybe I can get some sort of blinders or... something?


~Carla~ said...

lol!! I hear ya! I've tried to unsubscribe to any "buy me, you need me, you want me" emails, but they still sneak in there sometimes! ;) I spent my spending cash on a few new outfits from Campus Crew the other day... That store is my Kryptonite. *sigh*

Niki said...

How does Zooey always manage to look so freakin' cute all the time? It's not fair.

Anyhow, I hope you can make it through this. Just remember it's not worth it, right?

You should start sewing your own creations. You love crafting. You could do it, I saw your sweater.

Anonymous said...

Greetings from the distant past, Anne! If you're using Firefox, you will love Addblock. You can add it under the Tools menu - choose the default subscription. Works like a charm, and there is probably something similar for other browsers (but why would you use any other browsers)?
- Hanah from QEH, class of 99 bitchez

Annabelle said...

Hi Hanah! Thanks for the suggestion - I'm on Google Chrome, and they have a really similar product. Took 0.4 seconds to install and now I am cute-dress-ad free. Hooray!

I'm thinking of doing some sort of craft thing, Niki. Knitting isn't super-appealing when it's hot outside, so maybe some sort of stitching? Def. a good possibility.

And Carla, I re-subscribed to some store emails and RIGHT AWAY got sucked in by their "free shipping ONE DAY ONLY" messages. Need to clear those out of my inbox ASAP.

Kristi said...

Hi, I really enjoy your blog! You might enjoy this recent blog post from a different personal finance blog: "The psychology of cutting back on lattes." The gist of the post is that keeping ourselves on too tight of a leash is counterproductive - allowing ourselves some small indulgences, without falling off the wagon and blowing the budget, is much more sustainable over the long run.

laura@nomorespending said...

Ha! Stay strong Annabelle!

Annabelle said...

Thanks for your comments, Kristi and Laura!

I think I need to find a balance between being on a really tight leash vs. being a crazy shopaholic. Because I'm finding that the tighter the leash, the huger the "relapses".

You will both be glad to know that I went to the grocery store today and even fondled some cute clothes but bought only FOOD! Hooray!

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