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Day 164: How to keep cool in the city (without breaking the bank)

*Note: I do not recommend enthusiastic tap-dancing in very tight-fitting sparkley leotards. This may be fun, but will not cool you off on a hot day. Well, maybe if you have a big lace fan like Ann Miller does, above.

So, I was SWEATING TO DEATH last night in my apartment. This was a combo of humid weather, my greenhouse-esque apartment, lack of A/C, and the amount of cooking I was doing.

Anyway, it wasn't even that hot out - just like 23 degrees (that's 73 degrees to you Americanos). But I know it's going to just get hotter and hotter and I need STRATEGIES. Inspired by this great post from about How To Stay Cool for Next to Nothing, I present you with my strategies to stay cool without breaking the bank while living in the city!

1. Paper Fan

I got a paper fan at the burlesque yard sale, and it works OK for short-term cooling off. If you don't have a burlesque yard sale to go to, you can make a frugal paper fan by folding a piece of old paper (like an old piece of mail, maybe?)

2. Oscillating Fan

Oscillating fans are more frugal than air conditioning, but obviously costs money. However, you can probably get one used from a thrift store, for maximum thrift. AND the most cost-effective kind of fan is something like the excellently-named Vornado Compact.

The Vornado Comact. It's cute, too! I wonder if it comes in pink.

It's smaller than normal ones, uses less energy AND produces more cool air. Win/win/win!

Cooling scarf thing

A cooling scarf thing. I like this one, it describes its ideal manner of wearing as "similar to Fred on Scooby Doo."

Fred always was cool. And now we know why!

Anyway, you soak these things in cold water and apparently there is some sort of magic thing inside that makes them stay cool for ages and ages. Like the opposite of a hot water bottle.

Alternately, and more cheaply, I suppose you could just wet a cloth and lay that on your neck and/or forehead and blow the fan at yourself and enjoy the cool, cool bliss.

3. LEMONADE! Just looking at this picture makes me feel cooler.
I don't know why lemonade is so cooling, but it totally is. The cheapest (and healthiest way) to make it is with fresh lemons, rather than from concentrate. IT TASTES SO GOOD WHEN YOU'RE HOT. A quick Google search brings up lots of great recipes for lemonade but basically all you need are lemons, water, and sugar. Or, if you are a healthy person who doesn't eat sugar, you can add maybe... I don't know... salt?
4. Watermelon!!

Yum, yum, yum, yum, yum. Also, did you know that it's good for you? This was amazing news to me, as watermelon has always been my most favourite food of all time.

5. Ice

Ice, in all of its various forms, is fantastic to cool down in the city on a hot day. Icy cold water? Rub an ice cube on your neck and wrists? Stick your head in the freezer? Or, like Marilyn Monroe in The Seven Year Itchput your underwear in the freezer, then put it in. I may do this, you know, as a challenge for the blog. Not because I have secretly wanted to do this ever since I saw the movie.

6. Peppermint cooling pumice foot scrub
(followed by Peppermint Cooling Foot Spray!)

How is this frugal? Well, it's frugal when you get it for free at a makeup swap party! Plus, now my feet smell minty fresh.

7. Be a Bathing Beauty
Steal water where you can! Run through sprinklers on other peoples' lawns! Run through the water in children's spray parks! Grab the hose from somebody who's out watering their garden and spray it on yourself! Carry a spray bottle around with you and spray yourself every now and then!

Any other suggestions to beat the heat, frugal-style?


Anonymous said...

Easy ice tea recipe:
1 container of frozen lemonade (with water added) add 1 pot of cooled tea (as strong as you like)..

also I have an occilating fan that I would be willing to loan you for the summer (I have central air) if you would like...


Annabelle said...

Yes to the fan! I can pick it up on Friday from FML, or you can use the usual JG delivery service.

Ice ice recipe sounds good, too. I have way too many unused packages of tea that I bet could go to good use as iced tea.

Daisy said...

Bring your bed closer to the ground! If it's hot when your sleeping, the best thing is to get rid of your bed frame and get your mattress as close to the ground as possible.

Annabelle said...

Thanks for the tip, Daisy! That sounds like a fairly easy fix, esp. since it gets hottest at bedtime.

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