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Day 163: Makeup swap report!


So, this afternoon was my super fun afternoon of makeup/jewellery/handbag/bath items swapping. Kind of like a Mary Kay party, but everything free!

Here's my loot:

Lots of bath stuff, a pineapple necklace, foot things, nail files, and a baby gift to re-gift

I totally recommend this sort of thing to EVERYBODY! Because a bunch of jewellery that was sitting around my house now has new homes, filled with people who wear bracelets and rings. A bunch of my stuff went off to happy new homes, I got a bunch of new stuff, win/win really.

There are some leftover bath items, mostly, which I investigated and can be donated to the local women's or teen shelters (they don't take partially used makeup, though - just unused bath items). And I'm posting a bunch of jewellery for sale on Kijiji, so I might make some money off this whole deal too?

You could do this sort of thing in combination with a clothing swap, I suppose. Just turn your living room into a department store for an afternoon - with an area for clothes, an area for bath items, a jewellery area, etc.

In other news, I now have enough soap and bath gel to last me to the end of the year, probably. One less thing to buy!f


Serendipity said...

This was such a good idea. I wish I had more friends who were into beauty products like I am. Sometimes I love to stock up if there's a deal, and then sometimes I'm like, I need to downsize!

Annabelle said...

You never know what people will have on hand... I was just going to do makeup, but then people started asking about bath items and jewellery, so it turned into a total mini-drugstore party.

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