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Day 162: Sunny day link luuurve

So, I'm busy preparing for tomorrow's Makeup Free-For-All (more details tomorrow after it's done). Basically, I'm doing what Cosmo recommended and having a beauty/jewellery swap party where people can scoop up unused makeup and jewellery from one another.

The stuff I'm giving away at my party tomorrow... don't you want to come?

Also, I'm going to make lemonade. Yummers!

5 ways to tie a head scarf (Retro Chick)

How personal finance is like diaper training (Boomer & Echo)

How to save money on your pet (Squawkfox)

June shopping: deal or no deal (Suddenly Frugal) ** a list of the things that go on sale in every year in June!

Sockless in the city: a guide to preventing foot odour (Fabulously Broke in the City)

Navigating the thrift store (The Girl Next Door's Guide to Finance)

Happy weekend, everybody!

1 comment:

The Girl Next Door said...

Thanks for the link! I do want to come to your makeup swap - looks fun!

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