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Day 161: The Vagina Thing

So, I was catching up on blog reading, and came across Find Me Frugal(er)'s post about the Diva Cup. As I was typing my response, I looked back at my own post about this whole thing and realized I haven't reported back to you guys about how it's going.

(Note: if you are one of the many people uninterested in discussing this whole thing, I offer you the following entertaining video:


And for the rest of you... discussion of my girlie bits!

Diva Cup Model 1 Pre-Childbirth

So, I've been using the Diva Cup now since... February? According to the blog. Note: I have not been using it consecutively for four months. Just every now and then. And I have the following info to report to those of you who are considering going this route:


- You can't feel it, when you put it in right
- It doesn't leak any more or less than any other menstrual type devices
- It is cost-effective
- You can keep it in for up to 10 hours! Which is awesome.
- My period seems to be shorter, maybe?
- More breathable and less drying than other, cotton-y alternatives
- Environmentally friendly
- You get a good reason to buy Diva wash soap, which doubles as a very gentle soap


- It is not entirely useful if you get your period unexpectedly, since it would be unsanitary to carry it around in your purse all the time. So some back-up is required in this respect.
- You very quickly need to get extremely comfortable with your inner workings
- If the 10 hours are up when you are somewhere with public washrooms with lots of public sinks, that can be a bit worrisome. Unless you are really open and shameless about carrying around little containers filled with menstrual fluid, this requires some planning ahead.

So basically, I recommend it. You don't have to go out and switch, but the cost-effectiveness combined with the environmental aspect combined with the shortened-periods thing have me sold!

And thus ends all discussion of my girlie bits.


~Carla~ said...

Ok, totally wasn't expecting this post... :P I wondered about these things.. thinking I may give it a go. Cheaper & much better for the environment in the long run!

Daisy said...

I don't think I could do it.I know it's my own body and it's natural, but the last thing I want to do is have to wash that, particularly in public bathrooms as you mentioned.

But it really is better for the environment!

Annabelle said...

Daisy, the whole leave in for ten hours thing really means that public restrooms aren't a big issue. I just need to remember to pee before I head out! As for the cleaning, it's no grosser than removing a tampon, really. You can dump out the cup in the toilet without having to really look, then rinse it out.

I never, ever, ever, ever thought I'd ever be using one of these. I tried it for frugality, and now am a total convert!

Anonymous said...

yay! more diva fans!!!
i have to admit, i have left mine in for longer than the 10hrs with no problem (granted i usually use a reusable pad overnight, thus giving myself a break from it). and it dies come with its own little carrying bag, so you could maybe carry it around for a few days when you are expecting your period.

i really like the fact that i can pop it in, & then not have to worry about it. is simple. & traveling.... goodness. so, so very practical.


Ann said...

Totally agree Cari - yay for the Diva Cup! (Hate the name, though). I have probably used it for more than 10 hours too, since it's so comfortable I tend to forget it's even there. I like the little carrying-around bag, but it still seems somewhat unhygienic to carry it around with you (or maybe that's just because my purse is disgustingly crumb-filled).

Anonymous said...

Why is it unsanitary to carry it around? If you wash it and sanitize it after each cycle and transport it in the little pouch there really should be no issue. If you need to start using it away from home simply wash it and your hands first, dry with a paper towel and go into a stall and insert. In reality you should really never be caught off guard with a Diva cup because if you think your period is coming you can have it inserted before ever leaving home. This cannot be done with tampons that absorb.
As far as having to dump it out in public restrooms, there is a great video by Lunapads on YouTube that can help you with any travel issues you encounter.

Annabelle said...

I suspect it would be unhygienic to carry around mainly because the little bag is just a drawstring thing, and my purse is filled with lots of odd little bits of crumbs, etc, which would probably easily slip into the bag. I guess I could put it into a ziploc or something, but that's assuming that my period is in any way predictable which it is not, and now I'm sharing waaay too much on the internet, so I'll stop here.

I'll look up the Lunapads video. Sounds fun.

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