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Day 158: The makeup purge continues

One eyeliner is never enough. EVER!!

You guys. So, after going through my lip products as part of preparing for Project 10 Pan, tonight I tackled my eyeshadow/liner/powder collection. And I've whittled those things down to 29 items. With the existing lip products, that makes about 60 things. I need to get rid of 50 more things? How is that even possible?

I want to do this, but it's going to be hard. I still have 8 liquid eyeliners. How do I know which ones to keep? The black waterproof one? The blue sparkley one? The brown metallic one? I DON'T KNOW! Note: I forgot I owned about 5/8 of these. But now that I realize I own them I can't let go of them.

What if I need to recreate this makeup look? There's like 10 items used just on the eyes!

At the moment, the only way I think I can do Project 10 Pan is if the ten items contain more than one thing. Like, if (1) is Lipstick, and I keep seven lipsticks. And (2) is eyeliner, and I keep 10 eyeliners. And like that.

I don't know. This is going to be harder than I had thought it would be.

Rhubarb, rhubarb, rhubarb.

In other frugal news, I've been given rhubarb from a co-worker of a co-worker! Free rhubarb calls for strawberries, combined together in a delicious pie! I'm just going to go make crust, which I think is possible. I've only ever made crust from a mix before, but it's just flour and things, right? I think I can do it.

In any case, the entire cost of the pie is the $4 I spent on strawberries, as I already have all of the flour and shortening and things. Frugal pie win!


Gwen said...

Pie crust is all about physics. The lard bits need to be the size of small peas, so that when they melt away in the oven your crust has holes in it - making it flaky. If you overwork your dough, you incorporate the lard bits too much. Once I figured this out, I have never had a pie crust flop. Good luck!

Gwen said...

And if you love your eyeliners, I think you should keep them all. You already paid for them. They're small and compact. You're using them, right? I'd pick different battles.

Annabelle said...

Touche, Gwen. I am going to cut down, but since I've already bought them, I suppose throwing things out isn't any more virtuous than just using them.

Thanks for pie advice too! I'm off to go try it out...

cjv said...

Crumb crusts (graham, oreo, nilla wafer, gingersnap, etc.) make most pies better.

Could you try and use up 10 makeup items and then go to another 10 items and repeat? Then see how you feel about replacing stuff at the end of it all?

savingfortravel said...

Keep them, project 10 pan isn't about only having 10 makeup items to use its about using up 10 make up items before purchasing any new makeup.

I could never survive without my many colours of eye liner!

Annabelle said...

Savingfortravel - really?? I think I'm confusing Project 10 Pan with Project 333 then. I had already decided that my collection is too precious to get rid of too many things, though. But I can easily choose 10, knowing that I get to keep the rest. Probably.

Martina said...

I agree with savingfortravel - my understanding of Project 10 Pan is to choose 10 makeup products and not purchase another makeup item until the 10 are used up.

I'm currently doing this - but I cheated and made sure I had two undereye concealers I could use, just in case I used the first one up before I finished the rest of my 10 items.

I've also heard of people doing a similar project, where they can't replace any one kind of makeup until they empty one (No new mascara until you empty a bottle). That way they don't run into the "I-have-plenty-of-eyeliner-but-no-foundation" problem.

It makes you realize that you really do have what you need at home.

~Carla~ said...

I agree with everyone else, may as well use what you have & go from there. You could put yourself on a make-up shopping ban for a while... ;)

I love rhubarb... Yum! Enjoy it!

Katy P (hope I don't sound too crabby) said...

I'm confused - is the point of the project to get by with what you have and be aware of what you really need, or to find ways to excuse new purchases once an arbitrary set of products is finished?

Loophole! loophole alert!

fabulouslyfrugirl said...

I'm not sure what Project 10 pan is, but I would suggest you put the eye liners (or whatever) make up products you haven't used in a long time aside, and check back in a month or two if you still want to keep them.

Annabelle said...

I think part of the problem here is that I am also not quite sure what Project 10 Pan is.

What I'm thinking of doing, though, is choosing 10 frequently-used items, putting them on top of my vanity for easy access, but rotating items every now and then so I remember what else I own.

A full makeup shopping ban would also, clearly, be useful here.

jennysararyan said...

rhubarb is awful.

the end.

Annabelle said...

Jenny, I used to HATE rhubarb with a fiery passion until like two months ago. And suddenly I like it. I mean, I like it drenched in sugar and cooked into a pastry with strawberries. And ice cream on top.

Lacey said...

I'm pretty sure I own exactly 10 make-up items. I have 1 blush, 1 (fantastic) mascara, 2 foundations, 4 eyeliners (one black, one bronze, one green, & one blue), one brown eyeshadow compact, and the doozy, one of those huge eyeshadow compacts that has like 20 colors in it (it totally counts as one item). It really works for me and I have make-up for every occasion! I also hate using lipstick (so I just have a chapstick, which totes doesn't count). Good luck!!!

Annabelle said...

Lacey - I bet if I looked at what I use all the time, it would be about 10 items anyway. I'm hanging onto some other items for fancy makeup looks, but my everyday look is almost always just mascara, liner and maybe lipgloss.

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