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Day 157: Too much of a good thing

So, I've just finished reading Matched by Ally Condie. Firstly, this is a fantastic book - kind of like the calmer Elizabeth to The Hunger Games' Jessica. By which I mean, it's a futuristic society where things are kind of ominous, but nobody gets disemboweled.

Anyway, part of the Evil Society in this book is that the society has limited everybody's choices in everything. They have discarded all but 100 songs, 100 poems, 100 historical events, etc. (And then the whole point of the book is that they arrange marriages, but Cassia falls for another boy instead, drama, angst, etc.)

The reasoning behind this Evil Society is that everything is organized in such a way as to avoid any sort of unexpected events. And they also say something like "having too many options is not good for you."

Yeah, so, Big Brother is sometimes right. NOT ALL THE TIME, THOUGH.

And yeah, they're the Evil Society etc., but it's still a good point. My mother thinks along the same lines with shampoo. While I enjoy perusing the shelves of shampoo to find something with avocado and jojoba that works on hair that is wavy in parts and straight in parts and which may or may not be coloured and which can be frizzy and that I sometimes want to wear straight - my mother is happy finding something called "Normal shampoo for hair washing."

The sight of this makes my mother want to cut and run.

So, in the spirit of Matched and my Mom, I am attempting to pare down my clothing and makeup.

Clothes are an ongoing process. I do want to actually do Project 333 at some point this year (maybe starting in July?) and I have gotten rid of a bunch of stuff. I think here, what I need to get rid of most are t-shirts. I have way too may t-shirts, and probably 3/4 of them I never wear.

For makeup, I am in the beginning stages of preparing for the terrifying prospect of Project 10 Pan. This is where you only have 10 makeup items. The first stage of this - the cull - is what I began tonight. And you guys, this is going to be tricky because just culling my lip stuff has left me with 29 lipsticks/glosses. So I will need to cull again.

For one afternoon only, my apartment will be transformed into Sephora, but free!

Anyway, to help with all of this sort of thing I am doing what Cosmo advocates on their page about thrifty living, where I invite my friends over to bring their unused makeup and everybody gets free stuff. Like a clothes swap, but even more girlie. I'm going to try and make it all as hygienic as possible, with slicing the tops off of lipsticks and wiping things down with rubbing alcohol, etc.

Also, food and drinks! I think it'll be fun.


~Carla~ said...

Good luck with your decluttering! I have & use 4 make-up items, 2 lip glosses, a concealer for under my eyes and my favourite "True" BE blush.

Katy P said...

I'm inspired to inventory.

Use Daily:
1 of 2 foundations (cream + mineral, for whatever mood my skin is in)
1 x eyeshadow (kind of a vaguely glittery tan)
1 x mascara
1 x blush for pale days
pressed power
3 glosses: a Clinique tangerine, a Chanel pink (a splurge) and my go-to Revlon cherries in the snow

Special occasions:
2 lipsticks: a berry-pinkish one for when I need a bit more colour and a fire-engine red
1 x lip liner, black eyeliner respectively
a Lancome compact of green, lavender and grey shadows
various nail polish (mostly naturals but one black just 'cuz)

Used to have a lot more but purged it to make the bathroom cabinet neater and to make the morning routine less of a hassle digging through mountains of stuff I barely wear to find just one friggin' eyeshadow.

Mrs. Pancakes said...

I've been trying to read regularly but not happening!

Annabelle said...

Katy and Carla, I can't even wrap my head around having that little amount of makeup. I just sorted through my eyeshadow/liner/blush and still have about 28 items left (...just of eyeshadow/liner/blush, and then an additional 29 items of lip product) Dammit.

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