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Day 156: Movie theatres are the antithesis to frugality

So, first of all, I went tonight to see X-Men First Class and it is SO! GOOD! I recommend it to everybody, even if you don't usually like superhero movies, or action movies. There's lots of really great character stuff, the plot is interesting and multi-faceted, and Michael Fassbender is just gorgeous. Oh, and the acting is really good. And you get to see amazing outfits like this:

"We are evil mutants who will take over the world, while looking FABULOUS!"
January Jones as Emma Frost wears this gorgeous sparkley white eyeliner that I am now obsessed with. And the whole thing was all very 1960s Diana-Rigg-as-Emma-Peel fabulous. Like, not Austin Powers 60s over the top silliness, but kind of classy and authentic.

Diana Rigg as Emma Peel

Anyway, some observations about the movie theatre:

1) Ticket prices. Yes, I know Tuesday nights are cheaper and whatnot, but the ticket prices are unbelievable. I mean, anything over $10 is just nuts. And the cost for 3-D movies? Insane! Luckily, I have a thing on my debit card where I earn free movie money from day-to-day spending, so I can go free every few months.

2) Food prices are PSYCHOTIC! Like, how in the world does a small thing of popcorn cost $5.49? How much does a bag of popcorn kernals cost like, $0.50? This is pure profit for the movie theatre, and I wish I had thought to smuggle some of my own food with me. But I was hungry and so, popcorn became a necessary expense.

"Let's go out to the lobby and spend a week's salary on overpriced junk food! Hooray!"
3) I was briefly tempted to buy the X-Men combo, which is a large popcorn, large drink, candy, collector's cup and 200 bonus movie points. I was like, "Yay! 200 points!" But I didn't want that much food. I don't really eat candy anymore. And what would I do with the collector's cup?

If it had been a Michael Fassbender poster, I might have been persuaded. Hello, handsome.

4) Food pricing is nuts, and also clever. Because it's just an extra 50 cents to upgrade from a small to a regular, or a regular to a large. And notice how it's called "regular" and not "medium?" They may as well call it "normal," if that's what they want to encourage people to buy. But even me with my small was barely able to eat it all.

So, anyway. Movie theatres are fun to go to every now and then. But I really try to only go when I'm pretty confident I will really, really like the movie I'm going to see. It's just way too much to see something I don't know about. And when possible, I suppose it would probably be most frugal-minded to go to the second-run theatre.

At least Danny Zuko didn't try and get fresh with me at the movie.

So my advice is: always have some sort of snack with you, or make sure you're well fed before you go to the theatre. Even the drinks in their bottled beverage machine were $4! Four dollars for a thing of juice, that in the store costs like $1.99. This is insanity.


Niki said...

Glad you had fun at the movies!

Movie prices are insane. For a family of five it is stupid insane. We only go to the movie once or twice a year. We have to see the Harry Potter movies.

~Carla~ said...

I'll take my 3 daughters to the theatre downtown to see a good movie which is $4/each. (CARS 2 next!) Then a treat from the $ store & a drink from home makes it an affordable treat. Hubby & I rarely go, he likes the VIP theaters, which are $36/both of us, just to get in! Add in a beer or two for hubby & his munchies and we've spent a LOT of cash, real fast! lol!

Daisy said...

Movies are so expensive! They're like $12.99 around here. The Tuesday deal is really only around $.50 off, so it's not great. But some movies are so worth it to see in the theater.

fabulouslyfrugirl said...

I LOVED the X Men movie, too! It's hands down the best X men movie. It had action and an actual plot with great characters.

This time, I used my Entertainment Book and got us $6 tickets each :)

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