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Day 155: The day of reckoning

Sing it, early 2000s Taryn Manning!

So, OK. The day that I have avoided for so long has arrived: my day of reckoning. The day where I see how I did following my Gail Vaz-Oxlade-inspired budget jars.

I won't go over how much I budgeted for what, or how much I spent on what. This is for a variety of reasons, but mainly because I don't want you to judge me. Just trust that I'm working hard on this, you guys!


So, let's just assume that I set overly ambitious low budgets for everything, and surprised myself by not overspending that much.

*Groceries: I went over budget by $113.94

Entertainment: (i.e. haircut, magazines, makeup, etc.) I went over budget by $115.91

Total overexpenditure: $229.85

So, this tells us two things. 1) I should be a bit more realistic with my budgeting and 2) There is definitely room for me to spend a bit less in both areas. And I think that my ONLY NECESSARY EXPENSES and NO INTERNET SHOPPING rules should help out quite a bit with this.

So, I will stick with the same budget amounts, and see how I do in June.

* I'm not really worrying too much right now about budgeting for utilities, etc., since those are mostly regulated and I live in a rental apartment and there's really no way to decrease any of those, unless I decide to stop having electricity. Which maybe I will come to that point by like, November? But not anytime soon.


~Carla~ said...

Live n' learn! ;) You'll do better next month I'm sure! Just keep adjusting till you figure things out.

Annabelle said...

Thanks, Carla! I think what I need to do is, rather than just stuffing receipts into jars, I need to keep a tally (somewhere I can see it!) so I can keep an eye on how much I've spent in each area so far.

Katy P said...

You mean...THE BUDGET BINDER?!?!?! Gail's fave?

Annabelle said...

Katy P - wait, is the budget binder a thing? Have I missed an important GV-O THING? Need to watch more Til Debt Do Us Part STAT!

Serendipity said...

I agree with Carla. Once you plan the budget and then actually track it, it's much easier to see where things are going and slowly cut back where applicable.

I want to make cute Gail jars now. Hmph. Stupid debit card.

Katy P said...

Yahman, the budget binder is a thing. In addition to putting actual cash in the jars - and replacing with receipts when you spend it - you record your spending in the binder. I think the purpose is to always have your expenses right in front of your face.

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