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Day 154: The glasses thing

Men don't make passes at girls who wear glasses. Except for girls who wear these glasses, which are AWESOME.

Wearing glasses is fraught with contradiction. I know people who wanted glasses so much as kids they went to the eye doctor and pretended like they couldn't read the letters. I know other people so terrified at the idea of glasses that they memorized the letters that they show on the poster.

I was somewhere between the two when, at age 11, I realized I needed glasses. In one eye. There was a terrifying period of time when I thought I would need to wear an eyepatch which - if you think I'm preoccupied with looking cute as an adult, imagine me at age 11 - was tantamount to the world ending to me. 

Note: this was before Lady Gaga made eyepatches cool.

Anyway, so I got glasses and was told to wear them just at school. This is the worst advice to give to a vain tween, by the way. Because school is the one place where I want to look cutest. I could wear them at home, no problem, but not where the cute boys are. So, this led to a Stephanie Kaye-esque double life where I would leave home wearing glasses, then hide them in their case all day at school, and then put them back on to go home.

Do I even need to tell you that she was my favourite character in the original Degrassi series?

But are glasses frugal?

Well, as with everything else in the frugal landscape, this is a complicated issue. I mean, you could have blurry eyes and never wear glasses but then you'd spend all of your money on headache medication and lawyer fees for all the time you spend in jail after hitting so many pedestrians with your car.

Alternatively, you could follow the route of Rhonda Byrne, author of The Secret, who stopped wearing her glasses and fixed her eyes through the power of positive thinking.

Oh, Taylor Swift. Did you think you would make giant 80s glasses a trend when you shot this video?

For those of us with less powerful psychic energy, here are the options:

1) Contact lenses. Pros: you look like yourself, you can see in the rain, you can wear sunglasses on top. Cons: disposable technology is environmentally unfriendly, you have to keep buying new ones.

2) Laser eye surgery. Pros: one-time expense may be more cost-effective in the long run. Cons: the smell of burning eyeballs/it is horrifying and scary/I have heard stories about this going terribly wrong/lack of night vision.

3) Glasses. Pros: you can look more like Tina Fey and/or Johnny Depp. Cons: some people don't like wearing glasses. They fog up when you go indoors on a cold day. Makes swimming trickier, unless you get prescription goggles.

So, there are pros and cons all around. But today I am going to talk about option #3, Glasses.

Who doesn't want to look like this??

There are lots of cheap glasses purchasing options. For instance, I got my glasses for $14 during Clearly Contact's annual one-day midnight cross-Canada free glasses sale. I just had to wait up until midnight in my time zone, log on about 50 times because the server was so busy, and pay $14 for shipping. Basically free glasses? Superfantastic.

My glasses are called Lucky Maude.

Even if you miss this sale, though, online opticals apparently charge far less than actual glasses stores. One guy I know has got like 15 pairs of glasses, because the prices at Zenni Optical are so ridiculously cheap. The one tricky bit about ordering glasses online is that you have to measure your pupil distance. You don't get this number on prescriptions allegedly because the optometrists don't want people to order glasses online. But it's really easy to measure: look at your face in a mirror and hold up a tape measure.

So, I don't know. I guess the frugal thing here is laser eye surgery but don't even TRY and convince me to do that. I would sooner have my fingernails pulled out* than risk the smell of burning eyeball and let somebody do anything with my eyeball.


*Not really. Although, it's easier to put on fake nails than install a fake eye if something goes awry with the laser eye surgery.


Mary Ellen said...

Well, online ordering is an option as long as your prescription is in the "normal" range ... :) I think you are the only one among the three of us that applies to (genetics FTW). I wonder what William's eyes will be like?

Annabelle said...

But don't you quality for NHS glasses, Mary? ;) So that's the most frugal of all.

I think the best we can hope for Wills is that he won't need glasses until adolescence. There is no way (genetically speaking) that his eyes and teeth won't need some correcting.

Froogaldoodle said...

I had laser eye surgery 4 years ok in UK- best thing I ever did. Not at all scary and you ca't smell burning! It's totally an urban myth. I went from being blind as a bat, to being able to see perfectly in less then 30 minutes. Also, the picture is totally not what happens! :-))

Daisy said...

I laughed out loud when I read that part about the smell of burning eyeballs.

I have perfect vision, but I fit into that group that wanted glasses when I was a little girl. I also wanted braces, but my teeth were fine.

I still love how glasses look on some people. I know it's stereotypical but I think some people with glasses are taken more seriously.

Annabelle said...

Froogaldoodle, I know some people who got the laser eye surgery done and they're really happy with the results.

I guess another benefit for me of glasses-wearing is that I really like buying glasses (part of the whole shopaholic issue). Though if I got laser eye surgery, I guess I could wear glasses with blank lenses...

Super Frugalette said...

I love your frames! I purchased glasses something like 10 years ago for distance. I like to wear them at night when I drive.I purchased 2 pairs for close to $400. However, 10 years later, I still love my classes.

Also, as a bonus, I just applied for a new drivers license and had to have my eyes tested and I do not need glasses according to the machine.


Annabelle said...

Thanks, Super Frugalette! That's amazing that your eyes just fixed themselves up... but I bet you can still wear the glasses sometimes when you feel like it, just to look cool.

Lindy Mint said...

My semi-blind husband wore glasses against his will for years because we were too poor to buy contacts. Then when we finally had money, he ordered up a whole bunch of contacts and his students said they didn't like the way he looked without his trademark frames.

I agree, they soften his brow.

$14 for glasses is a pretty sweet deal. Frugal, indeed.

Anonymous said...

I had lasik 8 years ago, it was the best thing I could have ever done. Believe me I was kind of freaked out at first, but it was over in no time and I went from -8.0 (contact lense perscription)in each eye to 20/20 vision. I am now 46 and can tell that I might need readers soon, but that will be nothing compared to my previous coke bottle bottom glasses and 8 years of no glasses.

Annabelle said...

Thanks for your comment, Anonymous. I know some other people who have been really happy with laser eye surgery, so it may be a possibility in the future. For the time being, though, I'm having fun with glasses (and my prescription isn't *that* strong yet)

Bryan said...

I am among the lucky (?) who do not (yet) need glasses or contacts, though I suspect that I will need a pair in the future. I can tell that my vision is not as sharp as it used to be. Fortunately, thanks to Taylor Swift, I know that big eighties glasses are stylish, so I'll be sure to invest in those when I do need them.

Also, uhm, "the smell of burning eyeballs" is the most horrifying thing I've read/though about in weeks. So, thanks for that.

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