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Day 153: June will not be very much fun for me

OK, first things first. I'm instituting a few new challenges for the month of June. Note: CHALLENGES, not RULES. This is because rules are scary and make me want to break them, whereas CHALLENGES are fun and make me want to rise up to them.

June will be my Most Extreme (non-elimination) Challenge!

First, though, I want to report that my rule about buying ingredients, not pre-made things, has been working out quite well so far. I made macaroons! They have oats and coconut in them and are way better than chocolate bars any day. I have also not been tempted by chocolate bars which proves, I think, that when I cold turkey on a rule for long enough, it turns into habit and is not so hard to follow.

I ate my macaroons before I could take a picture. But they looked pretty much like this. But better.

Anyway, for a variety of reasons (*cough* MAC Surf, Baby makeup collection combined with EBates giving money back on purchases from Sephora and Avon *cough*) I need to cut down on my makeup/unnecessary purchasing. This also means that I am going to put Project 10 Pan at a higher priority.

Oh, MAC. How you seduced me with your "Beach Girl" cheek powder in its pretty white compact.

So: June will be NECESSARY EXPENSES ONLY month. June will also be NO ONLINE PURCHASING month.

And no wiggle room with the word "necessary." Toilet paper? Necessary, if I am down to my last roll. Eyeshadow in a colour I don't already own? Not necessary. Eggs, if I am of eggs? Necessary. Croissants, because they look nice and buttery? Not necessary.

See, there's still some paper there so buying new TP would not be necessary. Yet.

Have I told you guys about the first time I possessed $1000? It was the summer when I was 17, and earning money through babysitting and being lunch monitor at a summer theatre camp. How did I save up that much money? By avoiding all stores. Not even looking at store windows. It felt great to see that I had $1000 - however, once the summer ended and I had that much money, I went back to stores and was like, "Ahhh! Military print came back while I was away from stores? Boat necklines are in again? I LOVE THESE HATS!" and I quickly spent it all.


So, while avoiding purchasing altogether may temporarily save me some money - in the same way that starving oneself makes one lose weight - this is not a solution that will work for very long. So my June challenges are a way to try and get myself used to spending less, without starving myself.

Yay, June!


laura|no more spending said...

Good luck....I love a good challenge!

Frugal(er) said...

June is a month for picnics and outside adventures, not for hanging out in stuffy stores (keep repeating until you believe this). And perhaps my opinion doesn't quite count since I never wear makeup, but you'll just sweat it off--best wait til fall.

~Carla~ said...

Good luck!! I haven't bought makeup in forever... lol! I need to come up with a new budget for July as our income is taking a big hit! So I'm trying to save some pennies this month too, but not sure how well I'll do... The last couple of months have been so expensive! :/

Annabelle said...

Thanks, team! I will do my best to channel all of my shopping energy this June into picnics and fresh air and fun June things.

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