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Day 152: The microwave thing

I know everybody is ANXIOUSLY awaiting the results of DIY May, but that will have to wait a bit. Likewise, I'm sure everybody is FREAKING OUT and wondering how my first month using Mama Gail-style budget jars turned out but that will also have to wait.

Why? Well, firstly, because I'm too scared to thoroughly investigate how far over budget I went, and secondly because I have something else on my mind. Namely: microwaves.

Now, I was thinking today about how come I have no qualms throwing down (undisclosed amount of money) on (undisclosed amount of makeup from MAC's new Surf, Baby makeup collection); and yet I steadfastly refuse to pay like $25 to buy a microwave. Where is the sense in this?

Answer: I'm not sure. Which is why I wanted to sort this out, blog-style.

1) Blame my parents.

OK, not really. But we didn't have a microwave until I was olderish (i.e. like 10 or something) so I was used to using the conventional oven directions for everything (i.e. Pizza Pockets take 45 minutes, instead of 1.5 minutes). When my thrifty parents finally (FINALLY!!) bought a microwave, I was overjoyed, assuming that it was like an oven but FAST. Thus ensued the microwave grilled cheese sandwich incident, which soured me a bit on the technology. But this is like a nature/nurture thing. I didn't have a microwave during my earliest formative years, and so now I am strangely blase about them.

"No, don't eat the grilled cheese sandwich, younger version of me! IT WILL TASTE HORRIBLE!"

2) I am a hippie.

NOT REALLY. I own way too much nail polish and sparkley lip gloss to be a hippie. But somewhere in my brain, frugality is mixed in with "back to the earth" and being environmentally friendly and living like a cave person etc. And somehow, an oven seems rustic and healthy whereas a microwave seems suspicious and anti-green. But it's the opposite, really, isn't it? Microwaves use less energy to cook something for 2 minutes than the 30 minutes it would take to preheat and then cook the same thing in an oven. So, I know this is also not really true.

The only kind of cavegirl I'd like to be is like Camilla Belle in 10,000 BC - with clean teeth and good hygiene.

3) As I have discussed before, there is no space for a microwave in my kitchen. This may be more the case. My charming and rustic apartment is from a building from the 1920s which means that there are not a lot of outlets anywhere. If I did get a microwave, since it probably wouldn't work too well precariously balanced on top of the oven, it would need to go on the counter. And then I wouldn't have a counter anymore (not heaps of space in the kitchen). So, unless I put it in my bedroom, there really isn't anywhere to put it.

I have slightly less counter space than this budding young chef.

But why am I thinking about this today? Well, so many of the frugal tips I read about involve microwaving. Remember the whole issue about not being able to heat up my Magic Bag unless I wanted to wrap it in tinfoil and bake it for 45 minutes in the oven? And today, I was reading about how to make your own herb foot warmer bags, and that involves a microwave too (the same book also includes lots of yummy herb food recipes, which use slow cookers, which I also don't own).

So. That's the microwave thing. I think the solution to all my problems may just be to get a toaster oven... but again, where would it *go?*


savingfortravel said...

I don't have a microwave either. I just can't afford it right now so I've learn't to live without it. I don't mind it.

I think you're right thought about the heat pads! It would be so nice to have one in under 2 minutes. Have you tried using a hot water bottle instead?

Niki said...

Last year we were without a microwave for a few months until we could get enough money to replace it. I was surprised at how long we went without and how we didn't absolutely need it.

It is definitely a convenience appliance,but it is helpful when the weather is blistering hot too. It would be worth it, if you had a place to put it.

cjv said...

Hot water bottles feel worse to me than the rice/wheat / grain of choice herby heat pads.

The WB is clammy and heavy, doesn't drape and fit around shoulders like the herby heat pads.

and um. when a friend moved and left us her microwave, we moved our old one upstairs for the sole purpose of heating up a wheat bag before bed. so I"m probably biased towards heat pads and microwaves.

Annabelle said...

Ha, cjv, loves it. The only space in my apt for a microwave is the bedroom, but if I just used it for heat pads, that kind of makes sense.

savingfortravel, I have been using a hot water bottle. My clever method is to heat the Magic Bag on the hot water bottle and then put it on my neck (hot water bottles are much less bendy and harder to put on the neck).

Niki - good point about the hot days! I haaaate having a hot stove on a hot day, and it would be so much nicer to just reheat leftovers for a minute in the microwave than to turn on the oven for 20 mins on a hot day.

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