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Day 150: An ode to makeup

The gorgeous doll-faced Lily Cole and her gorgeous makeup.

OK, the thing is that I really like makeup. Like A LOT A LOT. You wouldn't think it to see me, since my everyday face includes usually mascara (Maybelline Falsies), some sort of eyeliner (usually one of the Urban Decay ones I got Fabulously Broke in the City awhile back),  and some sort of pinkish lip product (recently, Cover Girl Lip Perfection in Temptress, which is this amazing fluorescent-ish orange pink colour). Oh, and also always some sort of interesting nail polish (currently OPI Red).

So anyway. I like makeup. I collect it and it comes in handy when I go to a theme party and need to duplicate a 1930s look or a 1960s look. I just find the appropriate video tutorial from JuciyLucy's YouTube page, gather the makeup products I will need, and have a great time.

This is Max Factor, the famous makeup artist, teaching some short-lived and unfortunate technique.

So, one could say that purchasing and playing around with makeup is a hobby of mine. And is it so wrong to have hobbies? To the geek with his shelves of Battlestar Galactica action figures, do we say, "Stop buying those, they are not frugal!"? What about the scrapbooker with her drawers filled with fancy paper and novelty rubber stamps? Do we say, "Stop your passionate love of this art form, and save money!"?

But the thing with my makeup-purchasing obsession is that, unlike the action figure guy, I can't one day sell off my unused makeup products. That would be unhygienic and plus, what if I need that particular pinky-orange lipstick one day?

Raja, the winner of Rupaul's Drag Race and also a former makeup artist on America's Next Top Model!

So, I will never not own makeup. Because that, to me, is like living without oxygen. But what I need to do, I think, is to better use the makeup that I have. Similar to the way I went through my kitchen and began being more mindful of the ingredients, I need to be more aware of what makeup I own, in order to - yes, friends - stop buying makeup.

BUT I'm not ready to cut the chord right away, though. The first step is, I think, to do this Project 10 Pan thing. Like Project 333 for your clothes, Project 10 Pan means that you pare down your everyday makeup to 10 items, and you can only buy 1 new makeup product once you've used up all 10. I first heard about this on Saving For Travel's blog, but a Google search shows that lots of people are starting to try this.

Possible idea for future post: was Marilyn Monroe frugal? Does it matter?
My cheaty thing will be, though, that if I use up 10 MAC makeup products, I can take them to the MAC counter for their recycling program and get a FREE LIPSTICK! Hahaha, frugal and cost-saving. Plus, I will look fancy everyday wearing my MAC makeup that I usually only use for special occasions (i.e. 1930s dress-up party).

This will be challenging, but fun, I think. I'm excited to go and choose 10 products to use up first... hmm...

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