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Day 148: In which I find an unused gift certificate and purchase a book

Not lots to say today, you guys. So here is a short and lovely story about good luck:

When I was switching from one job to my current job (remember the nice bag of free stuff my former co-workers put together for me?) I went through my desk and found an unused gift certificate for $15 to the local independent book store. It was from 2005, so I deduced that whichever work-sponsored contest it had been purchased for was long past, and whichever child never claimed this prize (there was no name on it) is probably now a successful adult now anyway.

Suffice it to say, I found a free gift certificate! I made a mental note to use it the next time I went to the aforementioned store.

Albert Einstein's messy desk, photographed in 1955. Wonder if he had any hidden gift certificates, too?

Then I totally forgot about it. I used the envelope it was in one day as a shopping list, carried it around with me, forgot to use it the next time I went to that store, blah blah blah.

Today, since I was going to be in the neighbourhood anyway, I put the gift certificate RIGHT ON TOP OF MY PURSE so I would both see it, and remember to go to the store. I had been planning to use it to pay for a birthday card, but once inside, I wandered up to the Teen area just in case the Fug Girls' book had arrived yet (I am really excited to read it). It hadn't (boo!) but they did have a copy of the new Sarah Dessen book! Which has a long wait list at the library and I have adored all of her books apart from one, so I bought it.

For free!*

*(technically, for $7, since it cost $23 and the gift certificate was for $15)

I don't buy lots of books (largely because I work for the library) but in this case, it seemed like a good decision. And when I finish with it, I will probably just donate it to the library anyway (to help out the other poor souls on the very long wait list).


Frugal(er) said...

Huzzah! My copy of that book just came into the library so we'll possible be reading it at the same time! That's a bit spooky :)

Just out of curiosity, which one of her books did you not like?

Annabelle said...

Ha, spooky, Frugal(er)! We can have a mini book club together.

The one book of hers I didn't care for as much was Dreamland - the one about the abusive relationship, drug dealing, etc. It was ages ago I read it (when I was busy catching up with all of Dessen's earlier books) but I remember the tone of it was quite a bit darker.

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