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Day 145: Kim Kardashian's proposal is kind of a frugal #FAIL

... but it's still a gossip GOLDMINE!

Kim Kardashian: famous, rich, pretty and the antithesis of thrifty living
Thanks to L-A and Ally from Fashionable People, Questionable Things who brought my attention the following two outstanding facts about Kim Kardashian's just-announced engagement:

1) The ring is 20.5 karats
2) Her mother brought out two miniature horses covered in glitter to celebrate the proposal!

In an unrelated note: the new My Little Pony series is really snarky and fun.

Following the link to the People website, you also learn that he proposed by spelling out "WILL YOU MARRY ME" in rose petals. Now, I like to give everybody the benefit of the doubt, but I find it hard to believe he got the rose petals from roses that were already growing on the estate. In fact, he probably bought them for a lot of money from a florist shop and furthermore, I doubt if he actually spelled out the words himself. He seems like a nice guy but, come on.

Her fiance's name is Kris. And her mother's name is Kris. And this guy looks like Taylor Lautner.
I don't know. There is a lot going awry in this situation.

Oh and FYI -- they've been dating for 6 months. Which is really a lifetime in Kardashian years, as her sister Khloe got married after dating a guy for two weeks or something.

Now, compare and contrast this with my favourite icons of frugality, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Oh, hai. We are the Greatest Couple Who Ever Lived. And your name is?

1) He proposed to her using his mother's heirloom ring (which was expensive in the first place, but free to him)
2) He proposed to her while they were away on vacation and, I think we can safely assume, did not cover any local wildlife with glitter.

My Little Lion did not make an appearance, at least, not according to official reports of the royal proposal.

Wills and Kate dated for like 9 years or something. And announced their engagement in a tasteful press conference, not on the cover of People magazine. Nothing against People magazine but... come on.

So, I don't know. If your proposal - not your engagement party, not your bridal shower, but your ACTUAL PROPOSAL includes this sort of over-the-top craziness - and we're talking about Noah and Julia's Beauty and the Beast wedding from All My Children level craziness - then WTF is the wedding going to be like?

Probably not like my parents' wedding, that's for sure.

Julia and Noah got married just after Disney purchased the ABC network, for the record.
Also, I loved them back in the day.

PS -- Can't wait for the E! Channel special broadcast of Kim and Kris's ceremony, which will probably take place on the Moon or something. Oh, hi, internet, who is already calling their impending wedding America's Royal Wedding. Does this make Kim K. America's Rose?


centsofacountrygirl said...

Ugh, everything about Kim makes me cringe. Everything seems about her seems so...contrived.

Annabelle said...

I totally know what you mean, countrygirl. However, I caught a few episodes of her show and there is something kind of silly and relatable about her. In one episode, her family had an intervention for her about her shopaholic ways and she was like, "Um... I have a lot of money and I'm not going broke. Is this actually a problem?" and it was kind of cute.

~Carla~ said...

I don't pay attention to the kardashians at all... It's not like they've ever done anything in the benefit of others. They're know for having money...big deal. It's a bit much to stomach really....

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