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Day 144: What would you do if you didn't have anything left? An ode to Harold Cousins' followers.

So. As we all know, Harold Cousins was misquoted and this past Saturday was, in fact, an invisible judging, and the actual Rapture-ing won't happen until October 21. This is obviously our fault for misunderstanding him.

But what about all those people who really thought that this past Saturday was going to be the Rapture? What about this guy, who spent lots of money on gas to drive around for days ahead of time, showing off a lighted sign to warn people about Judgment Day? And what about the young couple (with a baby on the way!) who spent all their money because they didn't think they'd need to save up for retirement?

What would you do if you didn't have any money whatsoever?

What if you didn't even have a stick to roast your weenies on?

I don't know whether or not these people ended their leases (if they are renters) or sold their houses (if they are homeowners). I am going to assume, though, that they did neither of these things. Because that's kind of an asshole move, isn't it? To sell your house, secretly knowing it won't be worth anything because the world will be ending? So perhaps they have a house. With that, they can hopefully get some sort of loan and/or mortgage situation worked out to leverage some money. Or, at the very least, they can rent out rooms of their house for rent money.

Be like the Ropers from Three's Company and make cash by renting rooms!

Hopefully, if these people did quit their jobs, someone will take pity on them and help them get back on their feet? OR they could make some money by selling their story to a tabloid TV show or magazine. Or a book deal?

Mama Gail would help them out, surely?

I don't know how I'd start from literally scratch, if I had nothing to my name. Get help from friends, I suppose. In the meantime, I would advise these people to pay attention to Suze Orman (if they are in the US) or Gail Vaz-Oxlade (if they are in Canada) since Harold himself doesn't have any advice for them.


~Carla~ said...

I can't believe that people are sooo gullible to hand over their life savings!! Come on people.... Heard of critical thinking?!?!?

Niki said...

This is so sad, but I can't believe people sometimes. I always wonder how people get taken on these insane ideas.

It must be easier than I think.

Annabelle said...

I can't understand it either. But I guess if you really really believe in something, and they suggest you get rid of all your possessions... no, it still doesn't make sense.

No matter what, I want to always have an emergency fund.

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