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Day 141: ...everybody still there?

So, happily, I haven't heard about anybody who's been Raptured. This doesn't mean I don't think I know anyone who would be eligible to be whisked away by J.C. Superstar, but more that I'm happy everybody I know is still around. Oh, and the world is not officially ending anytime soon. Thanks, J.C.! Let's all celebrate with white fringey jumpsuits and white afro wigs!

But you know who I feel bad for? The followers of Harold Camping, like this one person I read about who had budgeted so that all of her money would be spent by up May 21, 2011. She is currently penniless, because she thought she would no longer need money.

The lesson? ALWAYS KEEP AN EMERGENCY FUND. Especially if you think you might in a cult.

Yes, Apple users, I'm looking at you.

Anyway, how did I spend the day that might have been the last day in the world? Buying plants! Plants, I have discovered, are a wonderful way to invest ones' money. Why? Because they make every room of my house feel immediately friendlier and happier. They clean the air (or something, right? I have vague memories of elementary school science class and photosynthesis). Aaaaand.... aloe is the cheapest moisturizer in existence!

Looks like Audrey II from Little Shop of Horrors, and is equally awesome!

It's true! I bought an aloe plant today for $4.99 (OK, I probably could have gotten it cheaper somewhere else, but $4.99 for an endless supply is far cheaper than a container of aloe-infused moisturizer). As long as I keep watering it and giving it sunlight, it will live indefinitely. It will not go bad (like something store-bought), and there are no preservatives in it, and in between using bits of the aloe gel, I get a pretty plant to look at. Win/win/win, I think.

Oh, and a few more sprouts popped up in my little herb garden. Soon, I will feast! But for now, here is some more religious-themed musical programming from Lady Gaga. I like to think of this as J.C. Superstar on motorcycles. I also like to think that Mary Magdalene was essentially a groupie. And had eyeliner like this.

Party like the world didn't just end! Woot woot!


Rosie said...

Good for you for finding a fun and frugal way to freshen up your place. There may not have been an apocalypse, but at least you'll have your own little garden of Eden now.
I spent a bit too much time in the sun yesterday (finally, we're out from the rain!), but I have just one spot of sunburn on my arm in desperate need of aloe now. It's off to the drugstore I go!


Annabelle said...

I know, I couldn't believe how inexpensive plants are this time of year! The only thing is, I think I'll feel bad snapping off a piece of aloe when I need to tend to my sunburn.

It looks so pretty and happy as-is!

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