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Day 140: growing some herb in my kitchen

My little kitchen egg carton herb garden!

You guys! Remember when I planted seeds and then sprouts grew and then even more sprouts grew? I now have SO MANY SPROUTS! And some of them are clearly going to turn into dill, which is one of my favourite seasonings.

Some of these are going to be chives, too! And maybe basil? I forget what I planted.
All of the spring sunshine and my happy green miniature garden makes me so happy. I also am on the lookout for an aloe plant, which I think is the most frugal way of dealing with occasional sunburn type incidents. I went to the garden centre of the grocery store, but they didn't have aloe. Maybe at the farmer's market tomorrow?

Anyway, check out my little indoor, urban miniature garden like windowsill:

In the middle is a tomato plant!
I think that once I have all of these herbs, it will greatly assist with my new plan to cook all food from scratch. Check out how good I'm doing with that plan already! Instead of a chocolate bar, what did I do? Oh, just made a strawberry rhubarb pie:

I may have eaten half of it in the last 24 hours.
The pie was delicious. The strawberries and rhubarb were bought from the store, though. I know some people who tend to grow strawberries and rhubarb so I should start some sort of barter system - I may be able to trade some urban herbs for pie filling ingredients.

Oh, and I also did another one of my DIY May challenges - I cleaned off my stove with a paste of baking soda and water. It worked really well, too. The baking soda was a gift, too, part of my parting gift from my former workplace (that is also where I got the egg carton from that I planted my herb garden in)

(FYI - Baking soda also works well mixed, in small amounts, with skin cleanser to act as a gentle exfoliant. Learn all of the 40 fantastic uses of baking soda here!)

Anyway, assuming we all survive the Rapture tomorrow (and if we don't, then Harold Cousins gets to give the universe a massive "Told you so!") I will continue on with my other May projects - denim bag, sparkley yarn hat, tea cozy craft project.

This is all quite fun, really. I forgot how fun it is to create things with my hands.


Niki said...

You do have basil, I can see it in your close up photo.

Growing stuff has been really fun for me. I am strangely getting a pretty good kick out of it.

I did use baking soda and water to wash my hair with apple cider vinegar for conditioner, it worked really well, but I got lazy in prepping it for the whole family.

Annabelle said...

Thanks, Niki! I was hoping there was basil in there somewhere. So, I think it's going to be dill, basil, chives and something else... possibly mint? Lots of yummy pasta sauces in my future. And mint juleps.

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