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Day 137: DIY May project report

Well, I actually did some of them! Let's review:

- Plant herb garden from seeds purchased in February

Done! I've got three different types of sprouts sprouting now. Since I forget what I put where, these may be either dill, mint, basil, chives or something else I forgot I planted. Herbs!

Owl sweater (begun December 2010)

I JUST FINISHED IT! Check it out:

Owly sweater! And my boobs! My owly boob sweater!
My cat likes the sweater, too. I guess we have to share it now.

So, for the second half of May, I need to do:

- Hat with glittery yarn (yarn purchased in January 2010)
- Bag made of old denim (from my old jeans and the jeans from my going-away gift)
- Do something with the dryer lint (also from going-away gift)
- Something creative with tea cosy my friend SS gave me awhile ago
- Make some sort of household cleaner using baking soda

These things are do-able. I think. The most challenging thing will probably be the denim bag of old jeans, and the easiest is the household cleaner (esp. since JEM sent me an article all about making your own homemade cleaners -- thanks JEM!). So I need to get on these things. Soon.

Yay for DIY! Oh, and if you want to friend me on Ravelry, my username is Hepburn.


savingfortravel said...

That is an amazing sweater!

I have absolutely no talent with yarn, so far it's taken me 1yr to crochet a scarf.

Niki said...

Oh my, your sweater turned out so beautiful. Congrats.

Hannah Isolde Goodman said...

Ditto re the sweater. Excellent.

~Carla~ said...

Love the sweater!! I couldn't do that in a million years! Lol!

Annabelle said...

Thanks, you guys! I love the magic moment when I attached the sleeves to the body and realized I haven't just been knitting random rectangular shapes, but in fact, a super cute owly sweater!

I wore it today (even though it's kind of hot outside).

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