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Day 135: Clothes swap report part 2: Relative Cutness rears its cute head

Eager hands sorting through the tops + sweaters pile

So, this is to conclude my report on the clothing swap. Firstly, this is a genius thing to do and I encourage everybody to try it. Because everyone has extra clothes around and, rather than keeping ill-fitting or stupidly-purchased items in your closet out of guilt, why not give them to someone else who wants them?

This is the part that I hadn't realized about the clothing swap - the good feeling I got from seeing other people taking my old clothes and being so happy with them! What's crazy too is that everybody there has veered from smaller sizes to larger sizes - so smaller people got to take my too-small clothes, while I scooped up items from other peoples' larger days. Win/win!

The handbags area. Note the glass of wine. This was an important part of the fun of the night.

I got so much more personal satisfaction than just dropping stuff off at a consignment store (*note: I do still have some stuff to take to the consignment store, mostly coats and things like that).

What was also fun/interesting is how sometimes, seeing someone else wearing my clothes, made me think, "Wait, why am I getting rid of that? THAT LOOKS SO CUTE!" The falacy in this, of course, is that these items do not look cute on *me*, but have found new and happy homes. This is Relative Cuteness, but applied to humans, I think.

So, what did I get?

I brought four overflowing large-sized shopping bags full of clothes with me, and left with two pairs of shoes (the flats and the platforms from my previous post) as well as:

You can barely see it, but I took the long star-shaped necklace on the far left (note other glass of wine)

Here's a better picture of the necklace (so you can imagine the scale, it hangs low, just above my belly button).

Two pairs of shoes, long black tee, pink off-the-shoulder tee, black turtleneck sweater
It was amazing, everybody (about 6 of us) was there by like 8:00pm, and yet we kept going through piles and finding new stuff as though it hadn't been there before. And what did I suddenly find towards the end?

Dress! Flowery dress with twirley skirt!

Oh, just a flowery dress with a swirley skirt - exactly what I had been looking for to wear to the 40s swing dance party! Frugal WIN! This is like a frugal HOME RUN!


jennysararyan said...

oh, i'm glad you got the necklace. i bought it to wear with a starry shirt but it just looked strange on me. i'm glad it went to a good home.

Annabelle said...

I thought that might have been yours, J! I think this is one of those tall people/shorter people issues. You can wear my shirt as a dress, while your necklace hangs better on my freakishly long torso. Win/win!

~Carla~ said...

Great finds! Love that cute sundress!! It's adorable!! :)

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