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Day 134: Clothes swap report part 1: shoe porn

So, I went to a clothes swap.

If the clothes swap was a child in Kindergarten, I would give him/her an A+!

If the clothes swap was a child in Primary (what the grade before Grade One was called where I was growing up), he/she would receive an E+ for effort! (The other grades were V for very good and S for satisfactory) (Those were gentler times)

So anyway. I went in with a game plan, and four overstuffed large bags of clothes that I no longer wear. (Accidentally, there were also two dresses in there that I do still want to keep, so I stole those back).

I took several photos, so this will be done in two parts.


The shoes/hanbags section of the swap
This was the second swap that I've attended, and I learned my lesson from last time. I will not fall for the Relative Cuteness of items. I will not take things just because they kind-of fit me and the person who used to own it had fond feelings. I was only going to take thing that I actually wanted and/or needed and/or would actually wear.

For instance: I did not take these shoes. Fabulous, but I don't think I'd wear them.

These shoes I SO TOTALLY TOOK! Soooo cute, comfy, perfect.

These shoes: not sure if I will wear. But I like tall shoes right now so I took them for now.

Coming up next... dresses and tops! And a warm welcome to all of the foot fetishists who will surely now begin following this blog. xoxo


~Carla~ said...

Top shoes are rockin, middle shoes I love, bottom shoes not so much, ;) but they are very "in" right now! Can't wait to see your dresses!
So did you come home with a lot less??

Alexandra said...

What a cool idea! Our little town has a free shop, which is even better. Everyone gets to take 6 items once a week. More well-off folks drop off the bags of clothes that are no longer needed or wanted.

Niki said...

Love the flats.
I'm excited to see all your other loot.

Annabelle said...

The flats were the first thing I nabbed at the swap, and my favourite overall. The third pair of shoes (platform ones) were kind of a whim... yes, falling victim to the Relative Cuteness effect. But it's free, right? Plus, I love being tall.

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