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Day 133: Groupon win and fail = Groupon break even?

So. Ages and ages ago I challenged myself to use a coupon. I may or may not have indicated that I would do this in April.

And I *purchased* a Groupon in April. Actually, a bunch of sweet deals came up and I think I bought something like 4 Groupons. 1 for tickets to my friend's improv company (which I would be going to anyway), 1 for a month pass to a yoga studio a few blocks away, 1 for a cheap lunch at a delicious Mexican restaurant near my work, and 1 for a cheap supper at a delicious Mexican restaurant near my work.

Well, remember how I switched jobs at the beginning of May? Suddenly, going to the restaurant is less practical that it was before. But today, I was at my old workplace for a thing and so I figured I'd use the lunch Groupon.

So... on the upside, lunch was delicious. On the downside, I paid $9 for the Groupon (which was for $18 worth of lunch). And my lunch cost $9. So really, I paid $9 to Groupon and got a $9 lunch. So, that's actually no deal at all. The restaurant gets to reap the benefits, I guess. And Groupon gets a percentage of my money. But I'd kind of rather just have $9 more.

So, I think the coupon was designed for a two-person lunch. It was novel, though, going out to a restaurant for lunch on my own. I haven't done this in ages and ages. One of the qualifiers for the Groupon was that you needed a reservation, so I called up and reserved a table for 1. Which also felt like something that somebody would be doing if they had a list of "30 things to do before you're 30" and one of them was "go to a restaurant alone."

So anyway. I'll see how the other Groupons go.

In the meantime, I need to remember where I left my camera so I can take pictures at the clothing swap I'm on my way to RIGHT NOW!!

1 comment:

~Carla~ said...

Well that sucks that you didn't end up saving any $$! At least it was good at least! ;)

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