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Day 131: Wearing makeup is frugal

Makeup! Makeup! Makeup

Pop quiz: is makeup frugal?

OK, this is an existential question, and I realize that at some levels, the obvious answer is "Um, no." 

Yes, yes. As I have written about here before, the most frugal lifestyle would be living in the woods, using no hygiene products whatsoever, wearing clothes made out of leaves and discarded condom wrappers, eating tree-bark and ants. Yes, this lifestyle would have no cost attached to it. But would I be happy? (That is not a rhetorical question, and the answer is HELL NO)

"Soooooweeeeh in the chickapeeeeeh." Yes, Nell, I realize your lifestyle is more sustainable than mine.

So anyway. I choose to live in society and part of living in society is looking nice. I am not going to debate this point; watch any episode of What Not To Wear for evidence. Even the most adament "I dress this way because I don't care what people think" people wind up feeling more confident and happy once they have better-fitting clothes and a nice haircut.

And, in order to succeed in most businesses, it is important to look the part. And hence, makeup.

Peggy from Mad Men demonstrates the importance of makeup.
Remember how her career soared once she started dressing more glamourously?

As an aside, I love makeup. I have always loved makeup. When I was like, 4, I begged my mother to get me makeup and she finally relented by purchasing me a bright fuschia nailpolish. This was in the days before quick-drying polish, so my 4-year-old self left numerous fuschia smears on the white walls of our house. There was also the memorable time I helped make taffy, which wound up with fuschia stains in it. 

(Flashback within a flashback: I had bright red nailpolish 20 years later when, as a university student, I was working in an Archives. I may have left red smears on the archival papers. But don't tell my teacher that)

"Oh, hi. I am the most capable person in the office and I wear false lashes on a daily basis. Coincidence?"

So anyway. Makeup brings me a great amount of delight. And so imagine my happiness when I fund Super Frugalette's posting about how wearing makeup can increase your salary. It is one of many things, obviously. I think that having a pertinent degree, work experience, and some level of sanity probably have more influence over your salary. But still. I do find that when I put on professional work attire and do my hair, putting on makeup finishes the professional look.

There are always exceptions. Kelly Cutrone, for instance, is a big believer in not wearing makeup. And she is, after all, a successful PR agent, star of two reality shows, and a spiritual guru. But I choose to think that my overflowing drawers of lip gloss and eyeshadow are not frivolous purchases, but rather sensible investments in my future career. * ** ***

Kelly Cutrone: reality TV star, PR genius and spiritual guru. Her book is actually quite interesting.

* OK, the glow-in-the-dark nailpolish is probably not an investment in my future.

** And probably neither is the neon pink lipstick. But you never know.

*** Is glitter professional these days? I can't keep track. Hopefully, or else 1/2 of the makeup I own is not office appropriate.


Froogaldoodle said...

I work as a PA for CEO here in the UK and I wore my green glittery eyeliner to work the other day... They know I'm a bit crazy, its too late now so they just roll with it!

Serendipity said...

Althought glitter isn't professionally, you can get away with wearing a good shimmer. I always wear a highlighter to work. And, I find that because I wear makeup to work, I usually get treated my coworkers better and parents as well. If only my bosses could tell! Ahem .

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