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Day 127: 5 reasons I didn't buy my mother anything for Mother's Day

1) My mother is a fierce de-clutterer. 

If I bought her any sort of tchotchke, aside from the fact that it would cost a lot in shipping, she wouldn't really want to have it. And, although she is a voracious reader, she works in a bookstore so can borrow those books to read, or get books from the library. She pretty much owns every book she wants to, at this point.

2) My mother doesn't use makeup or lotions, or basically anything other than Ivory soap (and her skin still looks fantastic!) 

About 10 years ago, I bought her unscented body lotion from The Body Shop... which is still sitting, unused, in her bathroom. She takes great fun in going to the store and picking out shampoo with descriptors like "Normal shampoo for ordinary hair." Although she feels like there are too many shampoos in the world (meanwhile, my bathroom is overrun with hair care products, largely purchased because of their cute packaging)

NOTE: not actually my mother's feet. Hers looked even better than this!

3) My mother doesn't spa. 

Much to my delight, my aunt took her out for a pedicure one time and my mother - fabulously - picked out bright red polish. And then she went out and bought sandals to show off the pedicure (she didn't own any sandals). But I am pretty sure this was a once-in-a-lifetime thing which occurred mainly because her older sister made the appointment and Mom had no choice but to go. I really appreciate that she embraced the experience enough to choose the bright red polish. She is awesome. (And my aunt is awesome, for making her go!)

Note: very much not my mother. My mother is glamorous, but she would never pause this long when shopping.

4) My mother doesn't like shopping (and so gift certificates would not be used.) 

My mother (and me too, sometimes) always got this overwhelmed feeling in two-storey department stores (and malls, to a certain extent). Going to Sears or The Bay was like her worst nightmare, mainly because of how the escalators going up were in a different spot from the elevators going down, and she would get trapped in the store, unable to find the exit. She is also a grocery-purchasing pro, with a reusable list written out in order of the store's layout. She can pop into the grocery store (with her bundle buggy), buy everything on her list, and out again in probably 20 minutes. (She also is a very fast walker)

Note: not me and my mother. Very, very much not me and my mother.

5) My mother wants me to save money! 

So, I could buy her something she would never use and doesn't really want, but my gift to her this year is that I will save my money. And maybe this brings me one step closer to being as fabulous as my mother is.




Alexandra said...

On my blog, I posted a link leading to a way to give your mom a $35 gift card that will help save the bees. We need bees for food, pollination. Might that be a gift she would appreciate?

savingfortravel said...

My mum refuses to accept any mother's day gifts and tells us both to save the money instead all well.

Super Frugalette said...

Our mothers are very much a like. I sent a card.

Tasmanian Vegan & Minimalist said...

Great posting !

Annabelle said...

Thanks for the comments, guys! I sent my Mom the link and she really liked getting this free blog post for Mother's Day!

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