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Day 125: The time I won the lottery

Before I tell you the story of my fabulous lottery winnings, please note: Kate Middleton does her own grocery shopping from a list. As I suspected, the royal couple is really quite frugal.

OK. So, the lottery story.

First of all, it wasn't me who won the lottery. It was my father, who won it jointly with his other workplace friends. I don't know how much they won, but it was enough that he gave some of his winnings to me, and my two sisters.

Not my two sisters. But two sisters, nonetheless.

Note: I haven't mentioned my two sisters yet on the blog partly because I don't think they would want me to, and partly because they are extremely frugal and thrifty people and it would make me look bad for you guys to see how two other people with the same genetic makeup and upbringing turned out so much more responsible.

So, let's assume that my sisters, aged at the time maybe 15 and 17, took their share of the lottery winnings and invested them appropriately and are currently millionairesses.

And what did I, aged about 11, do with my winnings?

Archie comics and gum! And chocolate bars! And candy! And more Archie comics!

I always liked Veronica best. But so did everybody, right?

I remember around this time that I would go by the drugstore at least every weekend and pick up a new Archie comic, and some chocolate bars. I think this was the first time I encountered a store selling them as 1 for one price, or TWO for a slightly cheaper price. So I had to always buy two. And the gum was also on sale, two for something slightly cheaper, so I bought lots of gum. And in, let's say, two months? I had spent all of my money.

I'm pretty old now, but even I'm too young to remember $0.10 chocolate bars. Sigh.

And how far have I come from those days, really? Well, I went to the grocery store today and didn't buy any chocolate bars. So that's one baby step. Plus, I borrow my Archie comics from the Library, which saves money. And the other day, when I was buying a package of Reese's Peanut Butter cups (which are not chocolate bars, so I am allowed to purchase) and the guy was like, "If you buy two, it's just $0.89 each!" I was like, "No, thanks. I just want the one, please."

Meanwhile my sisters are off swimming around in their towers of coins, in the manner of Scrooge McDuck. Love you guys!

Maybe they will let me go money skiing with them next Christmas?


Jackie said...

Love the story. You are not alone. I too have come a long way to learning how to be responsible with my money. My sister is doing well and I ... well lets just say I am learning.

Annabelle said...

Thanks, Jackie!

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