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Day 124: Things I will never, ever buy


I would maybe buy Chanel no5, just as decoration.

It astounds me that this is still such a big industry. When I was in elementary school, we were told that because of peoples' sensitivities to chemical smells, we weren't supposed to wear any scented products - even scented deodorant. So I never really went anywhere with perfume - to me, people wearing perfume are in the minority as much as people who smoke in public.

Oh, Mad Men. How glamorous you make smoking in public look.

But then every other week, announcements come out from various celebrities who are launching their new fragrances. Is perfume still big business in the US, maybe? Is it just in Canada where perfume-wearing is rare?

I almost want to buy Katy Perry's perfume for the adorable bottle. Just as decoration, really.

And maybe it's because I am so rarely around perfume that it all just smells the same to me. Celebrities are like, "My scent combines mandarin orange with jasmine and the aroma of fresh tulips," but it all just smells like shampoo or something to me.

SJP's "Lovely." Too bad it smells like chemicals and every other perfume in the universe.

The closest I ever came to buying perfume was when Sarah Jessica Parker launched her first fragrance. This was at the same time that I had been powering through watching all of Sex and the City for the first time and I was a tiny bit obsessed with SJP. So I went to the store and smelled it and... it just smelled like generic perfume. Chemicals. Nothing I'd want to walk around smelling like.

So, thank goodness, I have no desire whatsoever to purchase perfume, ever. This is one temptation that I have no trouble avoiding.


Lindy Mint said...

Yep. I'll never have that temptation either. All perfumes make me sneeze.

It might be a generational thing. My parents still wear scents. I can't ride in cars with them anymore.

I'm also wondering if the celebrity perfumes appeal to younger demographics. I certainly experimented with them in high school and college when I believed that having a scent meant snagging a man.

~Carla~ said...

LOVE perfume!! I have SJP's Lovely, and I think it's a soft & sensual scent on. Also have Ralph Lauren ROCKS! (love it!), Obsession for Her, and one of Jlo's perfumes which s fun & flirty! I love Chanel No.5 too, but haven't replaced my last bottle. *sigh* All my bottles were gifts... :)

Anonymous said...

There are a couple of perfumes I LOVE too..but because of the scent thing at work..I don't use them often..also try to minimize wearing scented lotions at work for the same reason...sigh..then it annoys me when people we deal with are doused in very strong scents that remain long after they have left..


Annabelle said...

Thanks for the comments, guys.

Now that I think about it, I remember I used to douse myself with NAVY perfume, I think made by Revlon. I think they must have had cute commercials or something, because it's kind of an old lady scent.

And I totes agree, JEM, the only people I ever seem to encounter wearing scents are the ones who wear waaayyy too much.

Tasmanian Vegan & Minimalist said...

I bought SJPs and oh my god, I couldn't give it away. Believe me I tried. It smelled like sour washing up liquid ! I kept the cool box it came in though as a storage container.

Frugal(er) said...

Yeah, I totally don't get it either. I wore perfume when I was in Jr. high and in high school, but even then it was mostly Designer Imposters that retailed for $2 a bottle. I actually have a tiny sample bottle of perfume that I like the scent of that I got free with purchase in 2001--it's still 3/4 full.

I have a friend that works for Coty, the company that makes a lot of major celebrity perfumes and colognes, and she said that business is good and getting better, so someone much be buying this stuff. I've never met anyone who does though.

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