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Day 121: My apartment is a drug store

Shopping the bathroom!

So far during this Detox, I have been doing my best to shop my apartment.

I have shopped the kitchen, shopped my closet, and am now starting to shop the garbage.

But you guys. This weekend I discovered the best of all, which is shopping the BATHROOM!

On Friday night, I decided that I would unwind with a lovely bath (my old apartment has a lovely, deep bathtub with claw feet and I never have time for baths). Anyway, I was going to use some leftover bubble bath that I knew I had, but after hunting around a little, I found a bath bomb! So that was lovely.


And then I thought, to be very fancy about it, I would do a face mask too. And lo and behold, I had a few face masks already in my bathroom that I could use. Then, after the bath, I thought I would exfoliate, and it turns out I have some exfoliating gloves that I could use for that. Then, finished up with body lotion which, yes I already own.

It's like I've spent the past 3 years stocking up a drugstore in my bathroom, just for me to use now during Detox.

Bike ride time!

Additionally, today I went out for a long bike ride. Since it's sunny and I would be in short sleeves, I went digging around and found that I already own an excellent SPF 60 sunscreen. Then I thought, do I have one for my face? And it turns out that I do totally own a face sunscreen!

So, I need to remember this the next time I am lured into buy stuff from the drugstore. My apartment *is* a drugstore, I just need to know where to look!

OK, got to finish knitting this sleeve now... Yay DIY!


Tara said...

Love this blog idea! Good luck in May.

savingfortravel said...

I've been going through my bathroom cupboards as well and I was really shocked at how much stuff I do have. So today I tried a different beauty routine using my unused items. It was fun!

Alexandra said...

Good idea for a blog! It is amazing what we have stashed away. When you go to buy new suntan lotion, check out the list at Environmental Working Group for pointers.

Annabelle said...

Welcome Tara and Alexandra!

And Savingfortravel, it's really like having a whole drugstore at my disposal. I just read a stat that the average woman spends about $80 on beauty products in a year that she never uses, so I am determined to use all of mine!

Oh, and thanks for the tip, Alexandra. I am always on the lookout for excellent sunscreen.

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