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Day 98: Project 333

So, a few other bloggers recently have been talking about paring down their wardrobe. This is similar to how I have been paring down the amount of groceries in my kitchen -- being more aware of what you own, using what you have, and just buying things when you run out.

Boomer & Echo had a great post about "How many clothes do you need anyway?" and one of the comments mentioned Project 333. I remember reading about this on The Saved Quarter, where she has now pared down her wardrobe and her makeup.

But what is Project 333? I did some hunting around (even the website makes it kind of hard to figure out) but what it is, is a challenge where for 3 months, you wear only 33 items of clothes. I don't mean you wear them simultaneously, but it's that you go through your wardrobe (including shoes and accessories), pick out 33 things that you like best and which are most useful, and then pack all the rest away in a box (she even advises you tape the box shut).

Note: you are not supposed to wear all 33 items at the same time.

This is to make people aware of how many clothes they have that they don't wear (and hence don't need) and also it makes your whole wardrobe look better, because the only things you are wearing are the clothes that look best on you.

The woman who designed the challenge mentions at several points that this is not a challenge about suffering, and that if you suddenly lose/gain weight or the weather suddenly changes, you don't have to keep wearing ill-fitting or inappropriate clothes, just to stick with the challenge. They also give you a lot of lee-way, as pajamas, underwear, and workout clothes don't count towards the 33 items.

I did a similar challenge a few years ago, where I challenged myself to wear something different from my closet every day for a month. This got me more aware of what I owned, and made me realize which things didn't fit and that I should just get rid of.

Especially because my friend is holding a clothes swap in a few weeks, I think I might try paring down my wardrobe in this manner. If you haven't noticed, I really like challenges.


Anonymous said...

Every spring and fall I take out all my clothes and if I haven't worn it in the last year, out it goes. Then I put away the clothes that are from the past season (ie now I'll tuck away all the bulky sweaters and bring out the shorts that I put away last fall). It makes you feel like you have new clothes, saves room in your closet and dresser, and forces you to get rid of stuff.

~Carla~ said...

I have a LOT of clothes... Some still have the price tags on! I don't know that I could do this... Perhaps "per season"! lol!

I really enjoy your blog, would you consider setting up an email subscription tab?

Annabelle said...

Cyndi, I need to develop this sort of ruthlessness. Sometimes I just have such fond memories of some clothes... even if they don't fit... and I haven't ever really worn them...

And thanks, Carla! Good idea about the email subscriptions, I just added that widget (on the top right) so that should be working now.

Frugal Forties said...

I just started participating in the Project last month and it's already made a huge difference for me. Makes my mornings much easier. I will definitely be adding some things back in when the challenge is over, but not nearly as much as I had before! :)

minako said...

My closet operates on a rotation from front to back, so if something spends a lot of time at the back, I know I don't wear it anymore.

Some people suggest turning your hangers "backwards" (with the hook facing opposite to how you usually hang it) and paring down every 3-6 months based on what's still facing backwards.

Annabelle said...

Minako, this makes such good sense to me. It's easy to be like, "Oh, I wear that all the time," but if 6 months go by... clearly that's not true.

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