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Day 97: No spend day 7!!

Challenge ACHIEVED!

Yes, darlings, I went one week without buying groceries. And I still have lots of food left in my kitchen, too! Not enough to do another full week with no buying but... I think... I might be able to kind of tweak my  grocery purchasing style to include better use of the things I currently own.

Lalalalala I can buy groceries again lalalalala!

Now, the thing is that I do really well with strict guidelines. For instance, if I know I can *only* buy milk when I go into a store, I will do very well and only buy milk. So I am a little worried that if I have a wishy-washy new rule, such as "Only buy things I need!" that suddenly I would come home with bags of avocadoes I won't get around to eating and more frozen burger patties.

So anyway. I need to gradually re-introduce grocery shopping. I think that this calls for extremely strict grocery list preparation.

Thing I need to complement my existing grocery supply:

- Eggs
- Tomato
- Bananas
- Green onion
- Regular onion
- Cheddar cheese.


~Carla~ said...

Wow! You did awesome! I am still slacking in the meal planning department... *blush* But haven't spent much either, so it's "ok". Although meal planning makes my life MUCH easier, so I really should get on it!

Annabelle said...

Thanks! My fridge is getting emptier and I am so much more aware of what I own. Going without buying has also made me realize the stapes that I really have to always have -- eggs, cheddar cheese, onions. Once I ran out of those, the meals got a little sparse.

cjv said...

Congrats. With this as a prompt and an article on homemade pizza dough, we're going to make pizza (bought crust) out of fridge and freezer rather than takeout tonight.

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