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Day 96: No Spend Day 6

I can't believe it's been almost a whole no-grocery-buying week. And that it hasn't been that hard (OK, OK, there was all the free birthday food, but still!)

So anyway. I have a new and exciting craft project in mind, based around something my artistic genius Frugal Advisor Deb thought up:

Upcycled book case for ebook reader!
Yes, friends. Not only this birthday did I get ear spray and a sieve, but I also got (from a generous benefactor who prefers to remain anonymous) an ebook reader! When I was picking it up in the store, I was like, "Oh, does this case come with it?"

"Oh, no," said the salesperson. "Those are made of genuine leather and cost $30."

And I thought, hmm... I bet there is some sort of very cheap case I can make for this fragile and expensive digital item.

And then I remembered that Deb made her husband an ebook reader case out of a hollowed-out thrift store book! Look how clever she is:

Looks like a book about Rum War!

But on the inside, it is hollowed out, ready to host an ebook reader!
So anyway. In order to make this item, I will need to purchase:

- mod podge (this is a kind of fancy glue that creative people use)
- exacto knife (can maybe borrow one from work)
- paint brush (...also maybe borrow from work?)
- a suitable-sized thrifty store book

Still, I am pretty sure this will be more fun, cooler, and ultimately cheaper than buying the $30 leather case!

... I should try and find a Michael's coupon for buying the glue. They always seem to have half-off coupons.

(images taken from Deb's blog at


Niki said...

You can use a foam brush, they are like fifty cents. Mod Podge is not too bad, it's like 4 or 5 dollars.

I made a hollowed out book for my mom last Christmas. It does take time but is a pretty simple. Only cut out a one or two pages at a time at first, makes it easier. I had to start with a second book because of my lack of patience.

I got the book from a thrift store. Goodwill always has hardcover books.

I really love trying to make things. Good luck, you can do it.

thewanderingbudget said...

What a great idea! Could also help some would-be thieves I suppose. I may do this as well when I (someday) buy my very own ebook reader!

thewanderingbudget said...

Sorry, not "help" but "help thwart."

Frugal Forties said...

That's a really cool idea and I might do soemthing like that for storing my Kindle or reading it at home. Truthfully, tho, one of the things I love the most about my Kindle is that it's small, lightweight and *doesn't* take up the same space a book would. I got a gel cover and a screen cover for protection, and that's it. It fits in my purse (even my smallest summer purse), I can slip it into the outside pocket of my laptop bag, or I can even tuck it into the pocket of my winter pea coat. It weighs next to nothing.

For me, putting the Kindle inside a real book like that would totally negate almost half the benefit of having the Kindle in the first place!

Annabelle said...

Niki - foam brush suggestion = genius. I bet I can get one at Michael's for like fifty cents, and then I won't have to worry about washing glue off of a borrowed-from-work paintbrush.

Wanderingbudget - I hadn't even thought of thwarting thieves, but you're right. I am already quite paranoid about carrying around something expensive, so that may make me feel safer taking it out into the world.

Frugal Forties - very good point! I'm thinking that a hollowed-out book would weigh less than a normal book. I wonder if I could knit a cozy for it, for times when I just need a lightweight cover... hmm...

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