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Day 95: No Spend Day 5: What you get for free on your birthday

1) 50 Points from I forgot that I had even joined this and I kind of forget what this is. But they emailed me today to let me know I have got these 50 points. Free points = yay!

2) There are also restaurants in basically every city that give you a free meal on your birthday. I did not go to the restaurant in my city that does this, as it is way out on the other side of town and I was working today. But this is always a fun option.

3) Free drink at Starbucks. I thought that somehow when I brought in my registered Starbucks card, the computer would automatically recognize it was my birthday, and give me a free drink. Not so. It turns out that when you register your card, Starbucks will send you a postcard for a free drink which you can THEN take in for your free drink. So, I would advise you to register your card at least a month prior to your birthday in order to get your birthday drink on your birthday.

Other card programs I joined recently include the "Plum Rewards" program at Indigo/Chapters/Coles. It works like points at Shoppers Drug Mart, where points amass in confusing, random amounts and eventually you get like $5 off for a random amount of points. It was free to join, so, whatever. I also get bonus points by registering my email address.

There are so many points programs, I tend to avoid them as much as possible. But - I think - if you can harness the points programs in a focused manner, it can lead to money savings and debt repayment. Perhaps?

Has anybody gotten great benefits from store point loyalty programs?


Anonymous said...

I have aeroplan (Air Canada)card..I get my sobey card points transferred to aeroplan..have only had two free flights (as I don't fly enough to get lots of points)..but one of the flights was first class from Saskatoon to Nfld (and back) ...


Kayla @ Finance.. What? said...

SwagBucks gives you 50 Points on your birthday?! Oh man, I can't wait!

Seriously, that website has become the only way I do things on the internet. I have the toolbar, and I don't even type anything into google or the search bar anymore! =) I am close to having 1400 SB, and that's even after spending around 100 a couple months ago in various "SwagStakes" (not going in those again).

I plan to bank a lot of SB and then cash them in for actual cash in my PayPal. OR I will get Starbucks gift cards. =)

Kate said...

Just Shoppers Optimum (where we also get 30% off daily because of certain people doing shift work there on the regular...he's in it for the discount). We both have cards so when a big promo comes around we combine the points on one card and that's how I stock up on my pricer products, housecleaning supplies, TP + paper towels - wow that looks sad (though practical?)

Anonymous said...

I've got Shoppers, Sobeys, Sears, which all turn into real money that you can use to buy things at those stores. I just use the points at Sobeys and Sears to bring down my cost every time I shop there, but we do kind of a fun thing with the Shoppers points. We and our kids (adult children now) go on a shopping spree every time the points hit $100 worth. The nice thing is Shoppers gives you points for your drugs for the actual amount of the drug. This means my husband's prescriptions, which are worth thousands a year, give us big rewards (there has to be an upside to having a debilitating disease...).

Lindy Mint said...

I have an Anthropologie rewards card, but I have yet to understand what it does for me besides looking pretty in my wallet and making me feel special.

The grocery store around here offers 10 cent per gallon gas discounts every time you spend over $100 on groceries, which is pretty cool.

I think most movie theaters let you get in for free on your birthday.

Annabelle said...

Hmmm... Cyndi, Shoppers really gives points per dollar spent at the pharmacy? I am once more tempted to leave my beloved independently-owner pharmacy in order to get points.


Annabelle said...

I think that points cards are best when they're for a store you go to anyway. And Kate, your use of the points (practical) is probably best. When my Optimum points add up, I tend to think, "Free money!" and then I buy a bunch of eyeliners or something useless.

So now I need to consider how worthwhile it is to switch to a grocery store that's more out of the way (Sobeys) so I can accumulate Aeroplan points. Hmm. (First-class from Saskatoon to Nfld sounds pretty sweet, JM)

minako said...

I used Air Miles to pay for most of my honeymoon! And if you don't have enough for travel, they have other rewards too!

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