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Day 94: No Spend Day 4: Birthday edition!

The Year of Shopping Detox was included this week in both the Carnival of Personal Finance aaaand The Totally Money Carnival! Thanks for including me, guys!

So, things are still fully on track re: no grocery buying for a week. And OK, that is partly because this past weekend was also my birthday weekend and people have been feeding me. Like, I have lots of yummy leftover Chinese takeout (my annual birthday meal) to eat for lunch tomorrow, and cake, and more cake on the way.

All of which makes me think that I might extend this no-grocery buying thing for more than a week. Or maybe that's just the Day 4 talking. I think that I'll keep eating up the stuff I have around here before buying more, though. For sure this no-grocery spending has me much more mindful of what I already own around here.
Birthday strainer!
In other news, I have received not one but TWO excellent birthday gifts thus far: a strainer (which can be used for sifting dry ingredients in baking AND which can also help when I go to make my own ketchup) and olive oil ear spray! Maybe you are the sort of person who likes non-practical gifts, but I like practical things, esp. when I am working on minimalism/frugality.

Birthday ear spray!

I did think about which kind of ear spray would be the most frugal. My doctor told me that I have earwax build up and that I should put a few drops of olive oil in my ear every night, so I was first just looking to get an eyedropper for this purpose (I already have olive oil). However, this $12 thing of olive oil spray seemed tidier, and whatever, it was a gift so I didn't ask for the most frugal option.

Yes, ear spray and shopping fasts. But know what? It's kind of been best birthday ever. And if you will excuse me, I am going to have some leftover Chinese food. Yummy yum yum.


Niki said...

I love practical gifts. Last year my husband made dinner and cleaned the house. It was awesome to come home to a clean house and dinner.

Annabelle said...

That sounds lovely, Niki! I'd take kitchen supplies and a clean apartment over roses and chocolates any day.

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