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Day 93: No Spend Day 3

So, if you're wondering what I've been eating this far without buying new groceries -- my mother just asked if I was living off of peanut butter sandwiches -- here is what I've eaten so far:

1) DELICIOUS QUICHE I invented with frozen pie shell, eggs, milk, Laughing Cow cheese, onions and green onions (and lots of spices and dill and yum yum so good)

2) Fake-crepes (banana with nutella in a whole wheat wrap)

3) Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies (SO! GOOD!)

4) Guacamole! (Since I don't own chips, I spread it on hamburger buns and eat it with cheese on top - yum!)

5) And, since the quiche turned out so well, my plan for my next meal is this recipe for macaroni and cheese. It includes stuff I own (i.e. cheese, noodles, vegetable broth, green onions) and the reviews are all quite good. Also, it doesn't serve 30 people, like the first recipe I stumbled upon.

So far so good. If all else fails, I have enough bread and cheese for another few days of grilled cheese. Probably.

In other news -- watered-down castille soap as dish soap continues to disappoint. It leaves a thin film on the dishes, which leaves spots, similar to the spots you sometimes get washing things in a dishwasher. However, my hands are much less dry.

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