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Day 92: No Spend day 2

So, it's really funny that as soon as I made the challenge not to buy any food for a week, I am suddenly being presented with free food.

1) Last night I was SO HUNGRY when I was at an event at my workplace. Just thinking about the long bus ride home to make a meal and eat it made it all the worse. I was scouring my desk for any long-forgotten granola bars, considering just eating some Vitamin D tablets for a sugar rush, when! The guy from the new concession stand stopped by and was like, "We just got out waffle maker working. Would you like a free sample?"

Free strawberry waffle at work when I'm hungry but can't but food? WIN!

2) Today, again at work, I was sooo hungry and - yes, dreading the long bus ride home, following a long period of chocolate bar temptation in the drug store by the bus terminal - and then I remembered that we are getting free pizza today because of the meeting.

TMNT agree that free pizza = TOTAL WIN!

And last night, I used a frozen pie crust, eggs, milk, cheese and 2 kinds of (non-spoiled) onions to make a quiche! Chalk one up for shopping the kitchen.

Oh, and I also had the ingredients to make chocolate chip oatmeal cookies!

Cookies I could make from shopping the kitchen? DELICIOUS CHOCOLATE BAR SUBSTITUTE WIN!
The only downside thus far is that using the castille soap for dish soap leaves the water kind of weird and foggy, like washing dishes in hand lotion. But the dishes seem clean, so maybe it just takes some getting used to?


Kayla K said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog!

My pantry would certainly benefit from a no-spend week. Great idea!

-Kayla K

fabulouslyfrugirl said...

I love it when free food falls in my lap :)

centsofacountrygirl said...

I love free food! I think I want to go make some cookies now too...

Annabelle said...

Thanks for the comments, guys. It's great how things work out so well -- i.e., no-spend week makes free food appear as though by psychic magic.

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