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Day 91: No Spend Day 1

Yum. Shopping Detox No Spend Challenge Lunch.

So, today worked out totally fine without buying any groceries. But really, wouldn't most days? It's not like I live with an empty fridge that needs to be constantly filled.

Quite the opposite.

To those out there who have expressed concern that I will go undernourished - fear not! If I had a functioning camera, I would take a picture to show you how jam-packed my fridge and freezer both are. If I don't get too tired of the monotony, suppers for the next 7 days can easily be filled with salmon burgers, pork chops, and grilled cheese sandwiches.

I was tempted to buy food today because, obviously. That is what I do. I think I need to make cookies or something (yes, I think I have all the ingredients - flour, etc.) to satiate my several-times-a-day urge to buy chocolate bars (which are banned anyway, according to my Detox regulations).

Sadly, I don't have ingredients to make homemade chocolate bars this week.

And it turns out that eating a boiled egg is an OK lunch, when you put some salt, pepper and paprika on it. (I don't have mayo, and hence could not make egg salad as per my plan -- although apparently you can make your own mayo? Need to look into this...)

So, this mini-challenge is going totally fine so far. I think I might make some sort of quiche too, as apparently I have some frozen pie shells, along with both eggs and cheese. Wonder if some of my frozen veg could be included? I have a package of frozen spinach.

Pantsuit = automatically makes me look 100% more professional and grown-up

In other news, I had to buy some clothes today. You guys, for real this time. I have a job interview next week and none of my grown-up clothes fit properly. But I shopped the sales, and got a dark brown blazer ($40) and dark brown trousers ($40) and a kind of ruffley shirt ($30). When I started thinking, "Oh, I should buy shoes to match too! And nail polish!" I turned on the Detox Brain and stopped myself. Am pretty sure I have dressy shoes around here somewhere... I think?


Frugal Forties said...

Mayo is super easy to make. Egg yolk and oil of some kind - olive or canola. Whisk your egg yolk until it's creamy and thick and then VERY VERY SLOWLY drizzle in the oil, whisking all the while, until it becomes mayo. It's almost like magic and so very satisfying - especially the first time you do it.

Kayla @ Finance.. What? said...

I don't even think interviewers pay much attention to shoes.. =)

Anonymous said...

Every single time I click on this website you've just bought some new clothing that you HAD to have. You buy more clothing than most people do when they're not trying to shopping detox.

Have you thought about doing an inventory of what you actually own and thoughtfully figuring out what you need and don't need? Maybe if you actually knew what you have, and I'm guessing you have a lot if you're not sure you have dress shoes, you wouldn't feel the need to buy things all the time.

Maybe the problem is you're buying junk instead of quality. Or maybe you actually do have enough stuff and don't realize it. But there's something seriously wrong if you're actually trying to shopping detox as your blog title suggests.

Or maybe it's totally irrational and getting professional help is the solution. Or living with the problem and setting aside specific money and just going to goodwill a lot.

Niki said...

Wow! you have arrived your fist snotty comment and anonymously too!
Like Frugal Forties said mayo is really easy and kind of fun to make. It tastes soo much better than store bought.

Annabelle said...

Frugal Forties and Niki, the raw egg aspect of homemade mayo kind of skeeves me out. Is that ever a problem (i.e. botulism?)

And Kayla, I think I read somewhere that interviewers pick up on the fine details of your outfit -- fingernails and shoes. But my pants are long enough (and it's muddy enough outside) that I think my boots should be OK...

and Anonymous, it's true, I do tend to buy more clothes that some people. That's one of the many reasons I've got the debt that I have. I'm defining my Shopping Detox as 365 days to get my financial life on track - not to pay off my entire debt in a year. So, I'm first focusing on smaller (and easier) changes, like grocery budgeting and meal planning at first. The clothes thing is going to be a big challenge to get over :)

Thanks for reading!

Niki said...

Wanted to say, I think the lemon is the thing that makes it safe, but I am not positive with that. I thought it was like a ceviche type situation. Also I think the chance of botulism is pretty minimal.

Annabelle said...

Thanks, Niki. The whole idea of ingredients magically turning to mayo is too appealing to not try... I'll let you guys know how it goes!

Kate said...

Use very fresh eggs, keep it refrigerated (and keep anything you make with it refrigerated), and toss after a week if you haven't used it.

It is very easy to make and is generally delicious on its own or pimped out with some garlic to make homemade aioli OMG

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