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Day 116: In which I finally create a budget.

New frugal icon: Scrooge McDuck?


I don't know why I didn't do this already. "Make a budget" is quite literally the first bit of advice in EVERY book and article about being frugal and paying down debt.

When I struggled with money in my childhood, adolescence, and young adulthood, my parents always encouraged me to (like they did) write down everything I spend and everything I take in, and balance my money out. And I gamely began notebook after notebook, but it always seemed so TIME CONSUMING and WHO CARES and who can remember what they buy in a day anyway?

And now that online banking has been invented, I am able to keep track of where my money's gone, so that's all good.

But, OK. As Katy noted during the Gap-giraffe-print-shoes crisis of last week, I really should just make a budget.

And Mama Gail to the rescue!

I even have jars already! I am Gail's top student!

You know how on her show, Til Debt Do Us Part, which I have now seen twice, GV-O gives the people a very strict budget represented by several jars. One jar for "entertainment" and one for "groceries" and so on.

And her brilliant website has a tool where it helps you figure out how much to put in which jar.

And so now I have a budget. Thanks, GV-O!


~Carla~ said...

Gail is awesome! Yay for the jars! You'll have to let us know how you do with them! :) What jars did you create?

Katy said...

May your guiltless days be many...

Rosie said...

I love Gail's budgets! But there is no way that I can keep her to suggestion for $100 a week for 2 people on groceries. I've started writing an entry about my quest to cut my grocery bill down followng her advice, but I'm finding it hard. I eat a mix of the PALEO / ZONE diets - high in organic/local protein and fruits & veggies so it drives my costs up...

Good for you for taking the plunge. "B*****" is not such a nasty word after all! HeeHee

Annabelle said...

Thanks, guys! Rosie - I couldn't find a suggested dollar amount for groceries. I'm attempting $150 for a month for one person... which may be slightly insane. I don't know.

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