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Day 115: Frugal-fornia dreamin'...

I had the strangest dream...
You guys! I had frugal dreams! FRUGAL DREAMS, like actual dreams, while I was sleeping last night.

I think this is similar to when I went to French-Immersion camp when I was a kid. They told us that you knew you were fully immersed when you started dreaming in French. I don't think I ever reached that point, possibly because my grasp of the French language was then (and still is) limited to descriptions of food, names of buildings, and family members.

My knowledge of French is slightly less than contained in "Bonjour mes amis!" and other similar cahiers

Anyway. My dream:

I dreamed I was shopping. And just like in life, I was looking around to see if there was anything interesting and first, I came upon extremely cute Band-Aids with funky patterns on them (i.e. leopard print). And I picked them up and was walking around with them when I realized, "Wait, no! I already have Band-Aids at home! I don't even use Band-Aids that often. These are not a frugal purchase."

And then later, in the same dream-store, I found a display of nail polish. And I was thinking of buying a bottle (it was the fancy sort of "crackle" finish nail polish I was lusting after awhile back) but then I noticed it was $9. "$9!" I thought. "But it's only $7 at the drugstore by my house."

And I did not make the purchases.

Crackle nail polish, in case you don't know what I mean.

Frugality has invaded my DREAMS, you guys. I'm sure that means it's only a short time until it permeates my actual, you know, conscious mind.

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