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Day 114: maybe tomorrow he'll want to settle down...

You guys, today I met the guy living possibly the most frugal lifestyle out of anyone I currently know.

Meet Quoche (internet pseudonym selected by him, for anonymity purposes).

(Not actually him)
Quoche is in the process of hitch-hiking across Canada with nothing on him but some clothes (including a gorgeous blue plaid overcoat), tenting supplies, and his ukulele.

(Note: the ukulele cost about $70. He is usually a cello player, but that was too big to bring on his trip. The ukulele is both cheap and durable. He doesn't even keep it in a case!)

He's been on the road for three weeks or so, relying on the kindness of strangers and his Pied-Piper-like ability to turn ukulele music into free music and coffee. When he's hungry, he plays his ukulele (he's really good) in coffeeshops in exchange for sustenence. So far, this skill exchange has already led him into a commune-like farm experience where he was able to stay for free in exchange for working the land.

Also not actually him.
Seriously, what is more frugal than living out of a tent, bartering ukulele music for food?

Here are some of his tips for successful hitch-hiking:

1) It's harder to catch rides on the very busy highways with high speed limits. By the time the people notice you, it's too late for them to slow down. And cars probably won't slow down to pick you up until they get a good look at you - hard to do on high-speed highways.

2) Less-busy highways are better for catching rides.

3) If the staff allow, gas stations are also good places to hitch a ride.

4) Wear something noticeable (Quoche has a gorgeous knee-length blue plaid coat that is quite charming and noticeable)

5) Hitch-hiking is illegal in Calgary (... maybe other places too?) But he had no luck in Calgary, despite hitch-hiking for an entire day. I think the people there are just really afraid of breaking the law or something. So, avoid Calgary if you are planning to do this. I'd suggest going through Edmonton, but I don't know if things are different there or not.

6) If you see him, give him a ride! He will be heading East sometime soon, and is delightful company. He is also a really good ukulele player.


~Carla~ said...

I honestly can't believe that people still hitchhike to be honest... lol! Sounds like an adventure, but a little too out of my reality. I'd be WAY too paranoid that I'd end up in someone's freezer or something... Eek!

lolo said...

Not only can he rock the ukulele, he writes a mean sonnet.
Love that great lumbering oaf <3

Annabelle said...

Carla -- I think it's probably less scary when you are male and over 6'0" tall. Because who's gonna mess with them?

He also says he doesn't take rides from people who seem weird. Though I suppose that definition would vary from person to person.

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