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Day 113: One dress to wear all year long

So, remember Project 333? Where you pare your wardrobe down to 33 items for 3 months?

I have done a small paring-down of the stuff in my wardrobe, but it's still closer to 50 things than to 33. OK, it's closer to 70 things than 33. OK, I haven't actually counted, but it's definitely more than 33 items.

However, seeing my much-less-full closet every day makes me think about how many things I have that I don't really wear, so I bet I can get down to 33 items without too much hard work.

For inspiration, I went to the Project 333 website where I discovered something amazing.

You can wear this dress 365 different ways!

This dress is made by some people called The Uniform Project. The dress can be work frontwards, backwards, with or without the collar, and buttoned or unbuttoned. The 365 ways doesn't mean the dress itself has that many variations - more like you can wear it layered differently, with different tights and shirts, etc.

Watch the video of all of the different looks (all created with recycled/donated accessories - extra bonus frugal points!):

Uniform Project Picture Book from Uniform Project on Vimeo.

So anyway. You can buy this dress from then for $110 *or* you can buy from them the *pattern* for this dress for only $20. Um, frugal?

But the question now is: do I know how to sew? And also, do I have access to a sewing machine?

I was thinking about sewing machines recently anyway, because of my plan to turn my old jeans (and the other old jeans I got as a going-away present from work) into some sort of denim project. And probably I should do the denim bag first, before I delve into trickier sewing things.

And I do have access to a sewing machine. So...

Buying a pattern for $20, buying fabric, and remembering how to sew? Is this frugal? Or should I just be happy with the Little Black Dress I already own?


~Carla~ said...

I'd go with the dress you have if you don't "need" a new one... I'm not into dresses, so if you can believe it I don't even own ONE SINGLE DRESS. lol!

Annabelle said...

Wow, really? I live in dresses. They are so much easier to put on in the morning that figuring out a shirt and pants.

I am enticed by the idea of sewing, though. But I guess I can indulge that with something smaller first, to see if I actually enjoy it or not...

Anonymous said...

I was just in Vancouver and the Art Gallery has a display on right now which is all about being a greener, kinder city. They got all kinds of artists etc. to contribute. This one woman named Natalie Purschwitz, who has a store called Hunt and Gather (which I went into and is tres tres cool by the way...)only wore clothes she made herself for a year. Check it out:

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