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Day 111: Best. Present. Ever.

You guys.

So, I haven't mentioned on here because it wasn't official-official, but I have got a new (higher-paying!) job.

First and foremost, what does this mean? More money to pay on my debt each month! Yes, my plan is to figure out the exact monthly increase and apply that directly to my debt, so as to pay it down quicker while maintaining the exact same quality of life.

But blah blah blah. We had my going-away party today at  work and check it, people. How well do my co-workers know me?

There's so much (free!) stuff in here, I will give you the guided tour.

1) The pink bag. Found in the lost and found at work.
2) Hardcover picture book "The dumpster diver." Borrowed from the library.
3) Card, made out of unused colouring sheet featuring two T-Rexes fighting.
4) Photo album (from Dollarama, regifted)
5) Jar of bath salts (regifted)
6) 4 luxury drink coasters/tea light holders (a.k.a withdrawn CDs from the library)
7) Baking soda (unopened, from one woman's home) (so I can try out the 40 Fantastic Uses for Baking Soda)
8) 4-piece "Mennonite Tupperware" set (a.k.a. empty yogurt containers)
9) Two clothespins
10) Tin of loose-leaf Earl Grey tea that has been in the staff room, unused, for the past 3 years.
11) Used toothbrush (for cleaning purposes)
12) Wrapping paper from flowers (to use again as wrapping paper)
13) Empty onion bag
14) The end of a ball of yarn
15) Dryer lint
16) One rubber glove
17) Empty egg carton (I will use it to plant things in!)
18) Old men's jeans (to cut up and make into denim crafts)
19) Mug that says "Don't ask me, I just work here" (regifted)
20) Flashing bike light keychain (free from corporate health-related competition)

As well as a guide to "Shopping the trash," including suggestions of things to do with my new dryer lint (such as using it as a fire starter, or to stuff a very small pillow).

Best co-workers ever!



(And I didn't even mention that they also gave me a Starbucks gift card)


laura@nomorespending said...

It looks like your co-worked did well!

Congratulations on the higher paying job..YAY for speeding up the debt repayment!

thewanderingbudget said...

That is hilarious! So awesome!

Niki said...

Your co-workers sound like fun!
Can't wait to hear about your new job.

~Carla~ said...

Awesome! Very jealous of the dryer lint!! ;) lol!!

Anonymous said...

That's hilarious! And congrats on the job. Now we're kinda "library neighbours".

Annabelle said...

Thanks, guys! As you can see, my co-workers are amazing.

Serendipity said...

Congrats on the new job! Make that money! And that gift was so thoughtful!

cat said...

Congrats on the new job! :)

It seems your co-workers know you well!

Michelle Rafter said...

Just reading this for the first time. Congrats on the new job, but sounds like these are the kind of coworkers a girl could miss. Dying to know what you did with the dryer lint. I went to a going away party once for an editor I freelanced for; he was in charge of a big daily newspaper's technology section. Guess what everyone gave him? Mouse pads. Rolled up in tubes, sausaged into tissue paper and hidden inside various sizes of boxes, but mouse pads every one. It was hilarious.


Annabelle said...

Thanks for commenting, Michelle! I'm not sure what to do with the dryer lint. My lovely coworkers did include a list of suggested uses such as: use as a firestarter, make it into paper, use to stuff homemade stuffed animals or pillows.

I hope my post didn't come across as sarcastic - the gift was really heartfelt and they all knew that I've been working on being more frugal, so I really appreciated the thought! They were a great group to work with.

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