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Day 109: Jump rope!

I just read a very interesting article saying that jumping rope is the best sort of exercise you can do.

OK, I kind of skimmed the article and OK, the "article" may have been more just a paragraph in Cosmo, but still.

Jump rope!

I used to luuurve jump rope when I was a kid. I mean, not the fancy double-dutch like the kids did on Sesame Street. Just normal, one person jump rope. I was never a very active little kid, but I did walk everywhere (my family didn't have a car, remember?) and I did a lot of jump rope. I believe I was even on a short-lived and not-very-award-winning jump rope team at school...

Note: This is not at all what my jump rope team did when I was in Grade 6.

I also was highly addicted to my Skip-It. Remember these? It counted every time it rotated around your leg, which to someone as obsessed with statistics as me made me use it even more just to see how high up the numbers would get.

I only wish I had an outfit this awesome when I was 9.

So anyway. Jump ropes are for sale in the fitness sections of drugstores for not very much - like $15. HOWEVER, I distinctly remember seeing jump ropes during my thrift shopping adventure for like $1.

I think this will be a great thing to do because it's fun and thrifty. Will it drive my apartment neighbours crazy? Hopefully not. My building seems quite soundproof. I mean, I can hear my hippie neighbours playing guitar when I am in the hallway, but I can't hear them from my apartment. And I *think* that I live right over the laundry room, so nobody would be right under me trying to sleep while I am jump-roping.

You know who knows how to Double Dutch, besides these kids? My brilliant and frugal mother.

Anyway. This seems like a fun plan. I still need to drop off my volunteer application at the thrift store, so I can look for jump ropes while I'm there. *

* although I suppose the frugal thing would be to find a length of string abandoned on the road somewhere and use that. Or to tie together pieces of used dental floss. Or to just jump without a rope at all.

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