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Day 108: How I spent my summer vacation -- I mean, tax refund

I got my tax refund and I didn't even notice!

I filled out my taxes a few weeks ago on my own. I know lots of people send their taxes off to be done, or get fancy computer programs, but come on. I think doing taxes yourself is obviously the frugal option here.

Oh, and also, my taxes are really straightforward. I have one job, paid very little into my RRSPs last year and taxes are taken out of my paycheck all year.

Anyway, I worked it out once, and it came out to a $4000 return! This was exciting, but clearly wrong (see above reasons why my taxes are really straightforward). So I did it again, and it showed that I owed $100. Also wrong. After some helpful advice from my sister (who is both frugal and licensed to help other people do their taxes) I worked it out again, and it said I would be getting $100.

But what showed up in my bank account last week but $246! I don't know what I missed, but I am in no way complaining.

And what did I do with this money? Well, I didn't realize it was even there (I had it direct-deposited, rather than being sent a check) and I accidentally already had bought these shoes:

Half off! Size 10! Makes me 3" taller!

And this "chubby stick" gloss balm:

Anyway! But then I saw that I'd been given $246 for free! So all of my extra expenses can come out of that, leaving still $100 to go towards my debt.

So... while maybe not win/win (that would be putting it all on my debt) but definite win. Plus, you guys! The shoes! They were the last pair in the store, half price, and *only* in size 10 (my size)! As MEANT TO BE. Maybe not as fairy-godmotherish as Financially Fabulous' Fairy Shoe-Mother, but still pretty fantastic.

Free money is always great.


Serendipity said...

Cute wedges for spring. P.S I saved the majority of my tax return for expenses I knew I would have, like rent and dental work. And I may or may not have spent it on some new shoes and a lipstick from M.A.C. =)

Annabelle said...

Ha! We are tax return soulmates, Serendipity.

Gwen said...

Someone we know at the Library who's good with money takes the tax refund every year and immediately spends it all on RRSPs. I always thought that was a good idea (that I'm aspiring to some day).

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