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Day 107: thrifty link luuuurve

Link luuurve!

Yes, it's that time again - when I have built up a long enough list of fab articles to share a bunch of them with you. These are all from the last few weeks... Starting with Sesame Street's new series of videos to teach children to be financially responsible!

Makin' do from And Then She Saved. Cute wartime posters encouraging ladies to mend and make do. Excellent advice; really cute posters. Makes me want to go and darn another sock or something.

Manolo for the Beauty reminds us all about Vaseline: the beauty multi-tasker.

Well Heeled Blog reminds us how helpful it can be to Hit the unsubscribe button from store emails. I did this early on in the Detox and it really helps to avoid impulse, late-night spending when you aren't constantly told about how SHIPPING IS FREE WHEN YOU BUY THREE T-SHIRTS TODAY ONLY!!

Surviving and Thriving speaks out In praise of the rag bag. Need to keep this in mind when I wear out a t-shirt.

The Suddenly Frugal Blog talks about Trends in Couponing. I haven't seen that Extreme Couponing show yet, but coupons can be useful. I guess. It just seems like so much work...

The Simple Dollar discusses Convincing Yourself that a Need is a Want - and How to Stop It! Did I need to buy the lipstick I bought today? Or did I just want? OR WAS IT BOTH??

Little Miss Moneybags shares her Strategies to Limit Your Food Bill in Grad School (without eating mac n cheese every night). Useful tips even for people not in grad school. As usual, the best tip is always MAKE A SHOPPING LIST.

The Everyday Minimalist provides tips to Simplify Your Life: Finances.

The Sustainable Life Blog helps you to Get Started with Frugality and DIY.

I can't believe I forgot to mention that my post on was included by Thousandaire in the Totally Money Blog Carnival! Awesome! Welcome to everybody who saw that article, assumed I knew anything about frugalism or finance, and came to visit! Come for the frugalism, stay for the snark.


FB @ said...

*blush* thank you :) Glad you liked the post!

Donna Freedman said...

Ain't no lovin' like linky lovin'. Thank you. :-)

Well Heeled Blog said...

Thanks for the mention! I still go to shopping websites but at least I don't have those emails egging me on every day.

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