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Day 106: The Car Thing, cont'd

Hey guys. I've been thinking more about the car thing I blogged about yesterday.

And that is, how does my mother do it? How has she lived her whole life without ever having to drive? I mean, I'm able to pick up a few bags of groceries every few weeks and can easily feed myself. But my Mom (and Dad) bought groceries to feed a family of 5, with no car.

And how did they do/did it:

The Bundle Buggy.

Classic Bundle Buggy.

Yes. You have probably seen people, elderly people, pushing these around town. Or maybe - if you live in a city like mine where pedestrians appear to be nonexistent - maybe you haven't. And OK, they don't look very cool. But they are, in fact, so fantastic!

Sporty plaid Bundle Buggy liner.

And, OK. When I googled this, the first hits that come up are for websites that sell items for extremely old and/or handicapped people. And these are great for those people, but they are also great for able-bodied frugalsters like me.

This is like the Rolls-Royce of Bundle Buggies!
If you have a baby, you can also use a baby stroller for carrying around large items such as packages of toilet paper or kitty litter. Even if your babies are now grown up, you can then use the whole baby stroller to fill with groceries! This will make you look slightly insane, however, when people come over to see your cute baby but instead there is just a pile of chicken cutlets in the stroller.

It is also not cool to cover your baby with groceries.

I find that bike baskets are also great for bringing home large amounts of groceries. My fabulous bike has a gigantic front basket that can easily hold 4 full bags of groceries. Saddlebags can be great too - I once brought home potted plants balanced in my saddlebags.

Bike baskets are esp. great for carrying baguettes. And wine. Ideally both together.

So what I'm saying is, even if you buy lots more groceries than I do (today's grocery shopping list: yogurt) you can still do it car free.*

* provided the grocery store is within walking distance** of your home
** walking distance can be up to an hour away, in my opinion


daringtobe said...

I adored my bundle buggy when I lived in England. But nope, never see them in Saskatoon. Sigh...

Mary Ellen said...

The other solution for getting stuff home -- and the more frequent one I remember from when we were little -- was to do Parcel Pickup with a taxi. I remember amazing taxi drivers who would carry like eight grocery bags in each hand to the front door. :)

Anonymous said...

I have one in my basement left over from my carless/washing machineless days...when I lived in NYC (suburban SI)..I carted my laundry in one and also used it for grocery shopping.. (lived 20 minutes walk from nearest groceries and laundry mat) not miss those days!!!


fabulouslyfrugirl said...

I came super close to buying one of these when I got my first apartment. I borrowed my roommate's to go shopping and I was floored by how much I could pile in the cart! The volume was equivalent to the trunk of a small car :)

Annabelle said...

Mary, I remember those taxi drivers, too! I think that we used to bring things home in the taxi (and Sobeys used to have a delivery service too) but Mom and Dad stopped using at some point of purse-tightening.

Bundle buggies are fab. When I moved out for the first time, I was happy to have one of my own. But I have never, ever seen one here on the prairies.

And Frugirl, you can fit a whole load of groceries in one of these! Quite amazing. Plus, you can just hang them over the edge of your shopping cart in the store.

Donna Freedman said...

Almost two years ago my daughter and son-in-law moved to Arizona. They are both disabled and, therefore, chronically short on money but in need of a car to get to the doctor and the pharmacy.
So I gave them my car, with the strong suggestion that they remember it when they're picking out my nursing home. ;-) Shortly before they left I went out to pick blackberries; as I walked out the back door of the apartment building I thought, "I better start looking for a good price on one of those shopping carts."
I hadn't gone more than 25 feet before I saw....a shopping cart, abandoned with a baby carriage by a nearby Dumpster.
I left the carriage but quite happily took possession of the cart. It's got a teeny bit of rust here and there but, um, who cares???
I don't need it often -- I tend to buy small amounts at a time -- but when I do need it, it's priceless. So to speak.

Annabelle said...

Donna, that is amazing! Your Frugal Fairy Godmother was definitely looking out for you. Can't do any better than a free cart!

Lindy Mint said...

I love those carts! I so wanted one when I lived in Boston, but then a store clerk called them "old lady carts" and I thought maybe it wasn't cool to own one. Then we had a baby, and the stroller served quite well for toting things...underneath, of course.

Lacey said...

My parents found one of these at a goodwill, and so they cut open one of those pool noodles & duct-taped it around the wheels. It became our "beach buggy," so anytime we went on vacation or to the river near my house, we would be able to use it on the sand no problem (vs. the wheels which were horrendous without the foam). Yeah frugal parents!

Annabelle said...

Lacey, that sounds fabulous. Your parents are frugal GENIUSES! Beach buggy!

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