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Day 104: What do you do with broken jeans?

You guys, I broke my jeans today. OK, not broke. And probably it didn't happen today.

Cute ripped jeans. This is not what happened to my jeans.

What's happened is that, the denim has worn through in the inside leg area. Like, right where the tops of my legs rub together has worn away the denim.

So it's not like a, "Oh, I got a hole in the knee of my jeans, and so now I will look like a cool punk rocker." And it's also not a, "I got a hole in the knee of my jeans, which I will cover with a colourful patch and look like a cool hippie."
Cute jeans with patches. Note: there are no cute patches in the crotch.

Because it's in between the legs, you guys. Nobody wants to show off a crotch hole (heh heh).

So, the Frugal question here is: what do you do with jeans you can't wear anymore?

If the issue was not in the crotch region, I could turn them into cutoffs. This is clearly not a solution here. I also can't turn them into a jean skirt because, again, the crotch has worn off. But one of the things about being frugal is that you throw out as little as possible, and keep using things until they are threadbare.

Oh, hai. Just a cute girl in cute cutoffs. Also not an option for my jeans.

And of course, when I have a frugal question, the internet responds with 1,000,000 website dedicated to people with interesting answers. Behold:

 20+ Crafty Things To Make With Old Jeans

I'm thinking about the knitting needle case. Or maybe the booty bag? Or the market tote. We shall see.


Anonymous said...

I'd recommend a red corduroy crotch patch. You'll look like one of those red-butted monkeys with the added benefit of making a swish sound with each step.

Annabelle said...

This sounds both practical and fashionable. Thank you for the suggestion, StripedGiraffe1.

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