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Day 103: The Haircut Thing

So, here's the thing. I've been growing out my hair for awhile now, both because I think it looks good and because it's frugal!

Isla Fisher demonstrates frugal hair. OK, she probably paid someone to brush it for her.

...OK, maybe not super-frugal. I mean, longer hair needs more shampoo, which costs more money. But longer hair needs less upkeep and less trims, which is more frugal.

One thing I know for sure is that embracing your natural hair is the most frugal thing, and I am totally on board that train. My hair is basically its natural colour (no hair dye = frugal!) and I don't straighten it very often (lack of hair product for straightening = frugal!).

But then there's the whole Haircut Thing. I mean, as I've discussed before, the Frugal thing would be to just grow my hair out wild and free, perhaps occasionally cutting off bits with a piece of broken glass I find on the street.

It's like 1,000 free haircuts!

However, I really like getting haircuts. And there's a reason hairdressers are able to charge as much as they charge, and why they have licenses and have been trained. They know what they're doing. This is part of why I hesitate to go to the haircutting school, although rationally I know that they will have teachers there keeping an eye on them.

I kind of did the Frugal thing already, in that I trimmed some of my split ends myself. And now my hair is kind of raggedy. Bang trims are always free, and I learned my lesson at age 15 that self-cut bangs are Never A Good Idea.

Sarah Jessica Parker and I had similar tragic teenaged bangs, as it turns out.

So I don't know what the solution is here. It's not self-cut hair, as my random hair ends can currently attest. And for Shopping Detox, it's not about going for a high-priced haircut. So I don't know? I do not know what the answer is here. But I do definitely need a haircut sometime soon.


laura@nomorespending said...

Could you get a student to cut it?

I know that here in the UK, either in a salon or at a local college, they offer very cut price haircuts.

Katy said...

Does your regular salon have a junior stylist?

Also if it's something you really want, why not put aside a few bucks per week until you have enough to treat yourself?

Annabelle said...

Laura, I'm considering going to the haircutting school. But somehow I am reluctant to go... like I'm afraid they will have a haircutting student version of exam anxiety and give me a horrible haircut.

And Katy - this might work. I like going to a 'master stylist' but when I started going to my current hairdresser, she was a junior stylist anyway.

Lindy Mint said...

I would be scared to go to the school too. I have a stylist who I've been going to for 10 years. She charges $45 for a cut, which is sort of a medium price range (?). But she also knows that I am terrible at getting into the salon frequently (like, every six months is frequent for me), so she gives me a cut that will grow out well. I end up going from short to long, then back to short, but at least it's cheap and I get to change it up. Good luck!

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