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Day 102: finding a new cure for boredom

So, today I found myself with a little time to kill downtown and my immediate, unconscious, first thought was, "Ooh, what can I buy?"

Note: it's not like I am never downtown. My apartment is a less than 10 minute walk from downtown. And it's not even like there are that many things to buy there... I mean, there are only so many times I can wander around the cute makeup store or American Apparel.

American Apparel: ugly clothes have never looked so great.

Anyway, so looking in stores and buying things is a habit that I have without thinking about it. I need to replace this habit with something else. I'm thinking... reading books? Window shopping is not an option, my resistance is not yet high enough. Maybe just walking around, like... randomly?

Oh, and then also, I am obsessed with sweaters:

(the sweater is on the right)
Specifically, the sweaters worn by Detective Linden in the immediately-addicting new AMC show, The Killing. It's based on a Danish show, which captivated all of Europe with its finely-crafted mystery as well as the series of sweaters worn by their version of Detective Linden:

This sweater has an online following equal to Justin Bieber.

Badass Danish detective in extremely excellent sweater.
Need. The sweaters.

I guess in the meantime, I could always finish the sweater I started knitting in January... Wait! That's something I can do with my spare time! Knitting!

Problems solved.


laura said...

I didn't watch The Killing and now I'm regretting it...hopefully it will be repeated :)

Enjoy your knitting!

Annabelle said...

Laura, you can get the episodes streaming for free from the AMC website, and possibly also free on Itunes... So worth it! There have only been 3 episodes so far, so it would be really easy to jump in.

Yes, I'm obsessed. I foresee a lot of sweaters and cliffhangers in my future...

Annabelle said...

Oh, wait, are you in the UK? Well I bet you can get the box set of the original Danish version! I don't want to watch the Danish one yet... might be too confusing to watch the US and Danish ones at the same time.

Niki said...

I feel in love with The Killing, it is tense and well acted. I love all AMC shows when I think about it, They are killing it with quality TV. Mad Men, Breaking Bad, and The Walking Dead are all fantastic.

I liked her sweaters too, they made me think of Angela Chase.

Niki said...

I *fell in love.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't doubt Value Village is full of Norwegian sweaters. My daughter and I were lol'ing in Divine the other day about the price they were charging for ugly Christmas reindeer sweaters. Hipsters have made thrift shop prices skyrocket - damned hipsters!

Annabelle said...

Niki, Cyndi - luckily I'm watching this show (and her sweaters) in the springtime, so I won't be too tempted to try and buy one. Although, they're probably cheaper this time of year, right?

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